--- You can use your yap2phone account to call any other yap2phone user for free... contact 800 for more info or email sales --- Yap2Phone accounts can be used on IP phones and SIP/H323 devices... set your proxy to: "" --- To test our service for free, download and install our dialer, set the username and password to "yap2phone" and dial 800... for H323 devices use yap2phone@yap2phone ---


To place calls from the privacy of your home on your own PC, using your dial-up, broadband or satellite Internet connection, follow a few easy steps and download our FREE Internet telephone software. In order to ensure optimal quality and performance from our service, you can even purchase one of our high-quality, low cost USB hand-sets or head-sets.

On the other hand, the YAP2PHONE network also supports several high quality devices ( SIP / H323 ) that are cost effective for home and business use. Dial-up users can consider a dialer device that looks and performs like a normal telephone, yet automatically connects to your local Internet Service Provider (ISP), when you are ready to make a toll call. For broadband users, IP telephones or multi-port IP gateways into which you can plug a traditional telephone are highly effective. Contact us for details on availability and pricing of the best device for your needs and budget.




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