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Yap2Phone offers you the occasion to choose your own virtual number as to match your mobile, home or office number, so your contacts won't have to remember new numbers. Or you can choose a special number that can be easily memorized and utilize it for commercial uses.

This virtual number will be allocated to your Yap2Phone dialer, IP phone or your gateway. This virtual number can also profit from the
Follow me service and enables your callers to reach you on any assigned world wide PSTN or mobile  numbers and surely on your virtual number. Note that you may add as many virtual and international DIDs as you need to the same Yap2Phone account and pin following you to as many countries you desire to be reached.

Note that this feature is offered as a free service from Yap2Phone, you just have to buy an account and profit from all our free services. For more information please contact us by mail or by using an H323/SIP device and calling  800 as described in the scrolling text above.

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Note: When dialing don't use "00" or "011" just put the country code the area code and the destination number              (ex. 1 661 4660301 ).


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