--- You can use your yap2phone account to call any other yap2phone user for free... contact 800 for more info or email sales --- Yap2Phone accounts can be used on IP phones and SIP/H323 devices... set your proxy to: "" --- To test our service for free, download and install our dialer, set the username and password to "yap2phone" and dial 800... for H323 devices use yap2phone@yap2phone ---


The Yap2Phone dialer works like a telephone to let you make calls from your PC as well receive any call on your PC for any virtual assigned number you have or international DID. With Yap2Phone you can call anyone on the internet who has installed Yap2Phone or any other SIP/H323 device or IP Phone on the Yap2Phone network for free. You can also call ordinary telephone numbers anywhere in the world with incredible low rates.

To use Yap2Phone you can choose your own virtual number as to match your mobile, home, or office phone number. You may also get an International DID so you will be no longer tied to your local country, this DID can ring on any device as your Yap2Phone dialer or IP phone. Using your assigned account and pin, calls on your virtual and International DID numbers can follow you to any assigned PSTN and or mobile number in case you are offline, busy or no answer any place in the world. To download the free Yap2Phone dialer click here.

YAP2PHONE can also be used at one of the thousands of Call Shops or Internet Cafes located throughout the world that offer our services. Such establishments are equipped with YAP2PHONE certified equipment, are vendors of official YAP2PHONE calling cards and services, and offer the convenience of placing calls from a PC, an IP phone or even a traditional telephone connected to an IP gateway. To locate the one closest to you simply contact us.


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Note: When dialing don't use "00" or "011" just put the country code the area code and the destination number              (ex. 1 661 4660301 ).


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