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YAP2PHONE is the leading VoIP carrier providing International DIDs. With International DIDs you are no longer tied to your local country, area code or city code. No matter where you are, you can get a local area code for a city which you would like friends, family, business partners or customers to call to cheaply. You can also profit from our free voice mail and Follow me  feature that permits your contacts to reach on any phone numbers you assign.

You live in Saudi Arabia and your family lives in Miami. You can get a USA DID and your friends and family can call you on your American number and you receive the calls via VoIP to your American phone.  And all your friends, family, and business contacts can call you for the price of a local call. For any further information feel free to contact us.

Our main goal is to deliver high quality call origination to allow our customers to expand their international presence almost instantly. Our top quality services fulfill the requirements of the most demanding users and mission critical applications.

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Note: When dialing don't use "00" or "011" just put the country code the area code and the destination number              (ex. 1 661 4660301 ).



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