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Afghanistan Mobile93700.3461
Afghanistan Mobile93790.3461
Afghanistan Proper930.348
Albania Mobile355680.2199
Albania Mobile355690.2199
Albania Proper3550.1896
Albania Tirane355420.1588
Albania Tirane355430.1588
Algeria Algiers213210.1324
Algeria Mobile213610.1876
Algeria Mobile21370.1876
Algeria Proper2130.1353
American Samoa Mobile68420.1237
American Samoa Proper6840.1237
Andorra Mobile37630.2375
Andorra Proper3760.0813
Angola Mobile244910.2756
Angola Mobile244920.2756
Angola Proper2440.2096
Anguilla Mobile126440.2013
Anguilla Proper12640.1866
Antarctica Casey672120.7312
Antarctica Proper67210.7312
Antarctica Scott Base672110.7312
Antigua and Barbuda Mobile126840.2112
Antigua and Barbuda Mobile126870.2112
Antigua and Barbuda Proper12680.2112
Argentina Buenos Aires54110.0413
Argentina Cordoba54350.0575
Argentina Corrientes54370.0638
Argentina La Plata54220.0638
Argentina Mar del Plata54220.0575
Argentina Marcos Juarez54340.0638
Argentina Mendoza54260.0471
Argentina Mobile5490.3104
Argentina Proper540.0605
Argentina Rosario54340.0638
Argentina Salta54380.0638
Argentina San Juan54260.0638
Argentina San Luis (Prov54260.0638
Argentina Santa Fe54340.0638
Armenia Mobile374720.2801
Armenia Mobile374730.2801
Armenia Mobile37490.2801
Armenia Proper3740.1335
Armenia Yerevan37410.0971
Aruba Mobile297560.18
Aruba Mobile297590.18
Aruba Mobile297730.18
Aruba Mobile297740.18
Aruba Mobile297960.18
Aruba Mobile297990.18
Aruba Proper2970.18
Ascension Island Proper2470.7875
Australia Mobile61140.204
Australia Mobile61150.204
Australia Mobile61170.204
Australia Mobile61180.204
Australia Mobile61190.204
Australia Mobile6140.204
Australia Proper610.0294
Australia Sydney61280.0283
Australia Sydney61290.0283
Austria Mobile - 3G Mobile436800.2749
Austria Mobile - Connect436990.2749
Austria Mobile - Hutchinson 3436600.2749
Austria Mobile - Telering436500.2749
Austria Mobile - TetraCall436780.2749
Austria Mobile - Tmobile436760.2749
Austria Proper430.0488
Austria Vienna4310.0499
Azerbaijan Mobile994500.2491
Azerbaijan Mobile994550.2491
Azerbaijan Proper9940.2136
Bahamas Mobile12423570.1124
Bahamas Mobile12423590.1124
Bahamas Mobile12424570.1124
Bahamas Mobile12425570.1124
Bahamas Proper12420.103
Bahrain Mobile973360.1435
Bahrain Mobile973370.1435
Bahrain Mobile973380.1435
Bahrain Mobile973390.1435
Bahrain Mobile973860.1435
Bahrain Mobile973900.1435
Bahrain Mobile973910.1435
Bahrain Mobile973920.1435
Bahrain Mobile973930.1435
Bahrain Mobile973940.1435
Bahrain Mobile973950.1435
Bahrain Mobile973960.1435
Bahrain Mobile973970.1435
Bahrain Mobile973980.1435
Bahrain Proper9730.08
Bangladesh Chittagong880310.1
Bangladesh Dhaka88020.1
Bangladesh Mobile - Grameen880170.1
Bangladesh Mobile - Other Car880110.1
Bangladesh Mobile - Other Car880180.1
Bangladesh Mobile - Other Car880190.1
Bangladesh Proper8800.1
Bangladesh Sylet8808210.1
Barbados Mobile1246230.2087
Barbados Mobile1246240.2087
Barbados Mobile12462500.2087
Barbados Mobile12462510.2087
Barbados Mobile12462520.2087
Barbados Mobile12462530.2087
Barbados Mobile12462540.2087
Barbados Mobile1246260.2087
Barbados Mobile1246450.2087
Barbados Mobile1246820.2087
Barbados Proper12460.2087
Belarus Minsk3751720.24
Belarus Minsk3751750.24
Belarus Mobile375290.2722
Belarus Proper3750.2956
Belgium Brussels3220.0524
Belgium Mobile - Belgacom324720.2071
Belgium Mobile - Belgacom324730.2071
Belgium Mobile - Belgacom324740.2071
Belgium Mobile - Belgacom324750.2071
Belgium Mobile - Belgacom324760.2071
Belgium Mobile - Belgacom324770.2071
Belgium Mobile - Belgacom324780.2071
Belgium Mobile - Belgacom324790.2071
Belgium Mobile - Mobistar324940.2736
Belgium Mobile - Mobistar324950.2736
Belgium Mobile - Mobistar324960.2736
Belgium Mobile - Mobistar324970.2736
Belgium Mobile - Mobistar324980.2736
Belgium Mobile - Mobistar324990.2736
Belgium Mobile - Orange324840.2734
Belgium Mobile - Orange324850.2734
Belgium Mobile - Orange324860.2734
Belgium Proper320.0479
Belize Mobile5010.2512
Belize Mobile50160.2512
Belize Mobile50160.2512
Belize Mobile50160.2512
Belize Mobile50160.2512
Belize Mobile50160.2512
Belize Mobile50160.2512
Benin Mobile22900.1485
Benin Mobile229200.1485
Benin Mobile229230.1485
Benin Mobile229280.1485
Benin Mobile229290.1485
Benin Mobile229390.1485
Benin Mobile229400.1485
Benin Mobile229420.1485
Benin Mobile229440.1485
Benin Mobile229450.1485
Benin Mobile229460.1485
Benin Mobile229470.1485
Benin Mobile229480.1485
Benin Mobile229490.1485
Benin Mobile229590.1485
Benin Mobile229600.1485
Benin Mobile229640.1485
Benin Mobile229680.1485
Benin Mobile229690.1485
Benin Mobile229700.1485
Benin Mobile229850.1485
Benin Mobile229860.1485
Benin Mobile229870.1485
Benin Mobile229880.1485
Benin Mobile229890.1485
Benin Mobile229900.1485
Benin Mobile229910.1485
Benin Mobile229920.1485
Benin Mobile229930.1485
Benin Mobile229940.1485
Benin Mobile229950.1485
Benin Mobile229960.1485
Benin Mobile229970.1485
Benin Mobile229980.1485
Benin Proper2290.152
Bermuda Mobile14412340.1275
Bermuda Proper1440.1169
Bhutan Mobile975170.3285
Bhutan Mobile975930.3285
Bhutan Mobile975940.3285
Bhutan Mobile975950.3285
Bhutan Mobile975960.3285
Bhutan Mobile975970.3285
Bhutan Mobile975980.3285
Bhutan Mobile975990.3285
Bhutan Proper9750.2111
Bolivia Cochabamba591440.11
Bolivia La Paz591220.11
Bolivia Mobile59170.2013
Bolivia Proper5910.1875
Bolivia Santa Cruz591330.1046
Bosnia and Herzegovina Mobile387610.324
Bosnia and Herzegovina Mobile387630.324
Bosnia and Herzegovina Mobile387650.324
Bosnia and Herzegovina Proper3870.2104
Botswana Mobile267710.1664
Botswana Mobile267720.1664
Botswana Proper2670.1494
Brazil Belo Horizonte55310.0681
Brazil Brasilia556100.076
Brazil Brasilia556110.076
Brazil Brasilia556120.076
Brazil Brasilia556130.076
Brazil Brasilia556140.076
Brazil Brasilia556150.076
Brazil Brasilia556160.076
Brazil Campinas City551900.0988
Brazil Campinas City551910.0988
Brazil Campinas City551920.0988
Brazil Campinas City551930.0988
Brazil Campinas City551940.0988
Brazil Campinas City551950.0988
Brazil Campinas City551960.0988
Brazil Curitiba554100.0988
Brazil Curitiba554110.0988
Brazil Curitiba554120.0988
Brazil Curitiba554130.0988
Brazil Curitiba554140.0988
Brazil Curitiba554150.0988
Brazil Curitiba554160.0988
Brazil Florianopolis554800.0988
Brazil Florianopolis554810.0988
Brazil Florianopolis554820.0988
Brazil Florianopolis554830.0988
Brazil Florianopolis554840.0988
Brazil Florianopolis554850.0988
Brazil Florianopolis554860.0988
Brazil Goiania556200.0988
Brazil Goiania556210.0988
Brazil Goiania556220.0988
Brazil Goiania556230.0988
Brazil Goiania556240.0988
Brazil Goiania556250.0988
Brazil Goiania556260.0988
Brazil Other Cities Mobile552770.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile552780.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile552790.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile552870.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile552880.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile552890.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile553270.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile553280.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile553290.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile553370.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile553380.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile553390.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile553470.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile553480.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile553490.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile553570.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile553580.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile553590.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile553770.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile553780.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile553790.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile553870.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile553880.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile553890.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile554170.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile554180.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile554190.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile554270.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile554280.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile554290.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile554370.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile554380.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile554390.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile554470.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile554480.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile554490.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile554570.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile554580.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile554590.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile554670.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile554680.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile554690.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile554770.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile554780.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile554790.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile554870.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile554880.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile554890.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile554970.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile554980.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile554990.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile555170.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile555180.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile555190.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile555370.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile555380.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile555390.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile555470.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile555480.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile555490.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile555570.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile555580.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile555590.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile556170.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile556180.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile556190.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile556270.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile556280.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile556290.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile556370.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile556380.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile556390.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile556470.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile556480.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile556490.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile556570.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile556580.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile556590.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile556670.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile556680.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile556690.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile556770.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile556780.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile556790.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile556870.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile556880.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile556890.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile556970.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile556980.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile556990.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile557170.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile557180.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile557190.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile557370.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile557380.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile557390.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile557470.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile557480.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile557490.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile557570.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile557580.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile557590.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile557770.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile557780.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile557790.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile557890.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile557970.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile557980.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile557990.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile558170.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile558180.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile558190.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile558270.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile558280.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile558290.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile558370.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile558380.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile558390.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile558470.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile558480.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile558490.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile558570.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile558580.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile558590.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile558670.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile558680.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile558690.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile558770.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile558780.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile558790.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile558870.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile558880.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile558890.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile558970.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile558980.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile558990.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile559170.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile559180.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile559190.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile559270.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile559280.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile559290.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile559370.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile559380.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile559390.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile559470.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile559480.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile559490.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile559570.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile559580.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile559590.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile559670.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile559680.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile559690.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile559770.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile559780.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile559790.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile559870.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile559880.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile559890.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile559970.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile559980.2225
Brazil Other Cities Mobile559990.2225
Brazil Porto Alegre555100.0988
Brazil Porto Alegre555110.0988
Brazil Porto Alegre555120.0988
Brazil Porto Alegre555130.0988
Brazil Porto Alegre555140.0988
Brazil Porto Alegre555150.0988
Brazil Porto Alegre555160.0988
Brazil Proper550.0815
Brazil Rio De Janeiro55210.0612
Brazil Rio De Janeiro Mobile552270.1776
Brazil Rio De Janeiro Mobile552280.1776
Brazil Rio De Janeiro Mobile552290.1776
Brazil Rio De Janeiro Mobile552470.1776
Brazil Rio De Janeiro Mobile552480.1776
Brazil Rio De Janeiro Mobile552490.1776
Brazil Sao Jose City551200.0988
Brazil Sao Jose City551210.0988
Brazil Sao Jose City551220.0988
Brazil Sao Jose City551230.0988
Brazil Sao Jose City551240.0988
Brazil Sao Jose City551250.0988
Brazil Sao Jose City551260.0988
Brazil Sao Paulo City551100.0612
Brazil Sao Paulo City551110.0612
Brazil Sao Paulo City551120.0612
Brazil Sao Paulo City551130.0612
Brazil Sao Paulo City551140.0612
Brazil Sao Paulo City551150.0612
Brazil Sao Paulo City551160.0612
Brazil Sao Paulo Mobile551170.2369
Brazil Sao Paulo Mobile551180.2369
Brazil Sao Paulo Mobile551190.2369
Brazil Sao Paulo Mobile551270.2369
Brazil Sao Paulo Mobile551280.2369
Brazil Sao Paulo Mobile551290.2369
Brazil Sao Paulo Mobile551370.2369
Brazil Sao Paulo Mobile551380.2369
Brazil Sao Paulo Mobile551390.2369
Brazil Sao Paulo Mobile551470.2369
Brazil Sao Paulo Mobile551480.2369
Brazil Sao Paulo Mobile551490.2369
Brazil Sao Paulo Mobile551570.2369
Brazil Sao Paulo Mobile551580.2369
Brazil Sao Paulo Mobile551590.2369
Brazil Sao Paulo Mobile551670.2369
Brazil Sao Paulo Mobile551680.2369
Brazil Sao Paulo Mobile551690.2369
Brazil Sao Paulo Mobile551770.2369
Brazil Sao Paulo Mobile551780.2369
Brazil Sao Paulo Mobile551790.2369
Brazil Sao Paulo Mobile551870.2369
Brazil Sao Paulo Mobile551880.2369
Brazil Sao Paulo Mobile551890.2369
Brazil Sao Paulo Mobile551970.2369
Brazil Sao Paulo Mobile551980.2369
Brazil Sao Paulo Mobile551990.2369
Brazil Sao Paulo State Other551300.0988
Brazil Sao Paulo State Other551310.0988
Brazil Sao Paulo State Other551320.0988
Brazil Sao Paulo State Other551330.0988
Brazil Sao Paulo State Other551340.0988
Brazil Sao Paulo State Other551350.0988
Brazil Sao Paulo State Other551360.0988
Brazil Sao Paulo State Other551400.0988
Brazil Sao Paulo State Other551410.0988
Brazil Sao Paulo State Other551420.0988
Brazil Sao Paulo State Other551430.0988
Brazil Sao Paulo State Other551440.0988
Brazil Sao Paulo State Other551450.0988
Brazil Sao Paulo State Other551460.0988
Brazil Sao Paulo State Other551500.0988
Brazil Sao Paulo State Other551510.0988
Brazil Sao Paulo State Other551520.0988
Brazil Sao Paulo State Other551530.0988
Brazil Sao Paulo State Other551540.0988
Brazil Sao Paulo State Other551550.0988
Brazil Sao Paulo State Other551560.0988
Brazil Sao Paulo State Other551600.0988
Brazil Sao Paulo State Other551610.0988
Brazil Sao Paulo State Other551620.0988
Brazil Sao Paulo State Other551630.0988
Brazil Sao Paulo State Other551640.0988
Brazil Sao Paulo State Other551650.0988
Brazil Sao Paulo State Other551660.0988
Brazil Sao Paulo State Other551700.0988
Brazil Sao Paulo State Other551710.0988
Brazil Sao Paulo State Other551720.0988
Brazil Sao Paulo State Other551730.0988
Brazil Sao Paulo State Other551740.0988
Brazil Sao Paulo State Other551750.0988
Brazil Sao Paulo State Other551760.0988
Brazil Sao Paulo State Other551800.0988
Brazil Sao Paulo State Other551810.0988
Brazil Sao Paulo State Other551820.0988
Brazil Sao Paulo State Other551830.0988
Brazil Sao Paulo State Other551840.0988
Brazil Sao Paulo State Other551850.0988
Brazil Sao Paulo State Other551860.0988
Brazil Vitoria552700.0988
Brazil Vitoria552710.0988
Brazil Vitoria552720.0988
Brazil Vitoria552730.0988
Brazil Vitoria552740.0988
Brazil Vitoria552750.0988
Brazil Vitoria552760.0988
British Virgin Islands Proper12840.1379
Brunei Darussalam Mobile6732280.2479
Brunei Darussalam Mobile67380.2479
Brunei Darussalam Proper6730.0891
Bulgaria Burgas359560.0874
Bulgaria Mobile - Globul359980.2749
Bulgaria Mobile - Globul359990.2749
Bulgaria Mobile - Mobikom359480.3075
Bulgaria Mobile - Mobiltel3598810.2874
Bulgaria Mobile - Mobiltel3598820.2874
Bulgaria Mobile - Mobiltel3598830.2874
Bulgaria Mobile - Mobiltel3598840.2874
Bulgaria Mobile - Mobiltel3598850.2874
Bulgaria Mobile - Mobiltel3598860.2874
Bulgaria Mobile - Mobiltel3598870.2874
Bulgaria Mobile - Mobiltel3598880.2874
Bulgaria Mobile - Mobiltel3598890.2874
Bulgaria Plovdiv359320.0861
Bulgaria Proper3590.1155
Bulgaria Russe359820.0861
Bulgaria Sofia35920.0749
Bulgaria Varna359520.0936
Burkina Faso Mobile22620.2432
Burkina Faso Mobile226470.2432
Burkina Faso Mobile226500.2432
Burkina Faso Mobile226510.2432
Burkina Faso Mobile226570.2432
Burkina Faso Mobile226580.2432
Burkina Faso Mobile226590.2432
Burkina Faso Mobile22660.2432
Burkina Faso Mobile226720.2432
Burkina Faso Mobile226730.2432
Burkina Faso Mobile226740.2432
Burkina Faso Mobile226750.2432
Burkina Faso Mobile226800.2432
Burkina Faso Mobile226810.2432
Burkina Faso Mobile226820.2432
Burkina Faso Mobile226830.2432
Burkina Faso Mobile226840.2432
Burkina Faso Mobile226850.2432
Burkina Faso Mobile226860.2432
Burkina Faso Mobile226870.2432
Burkina Faso Proper2260.1776
Burundi Mobile257290.18
Burundi Proper2570.175
Cambodia Mobile855110.302
Cambodia Mobile855120.302
Cambodia Mobile855140.302
Cambodia Mobile855150.302
Cambodia Mobile855160.302
Cambodia Mobile855180.302
Cambodia Mobile855910.302
Cambodia Mobile855920.302
Cambodia Proper8550.2791
Cameroon Douala2373370.3075
Cameroon Douala2373390.3075
Cameroon Douala2373400.3075
Cameroon Douala2373420.3075
Cameroon Douala2373430.3075
Cameroon Douala2373470.3075
Cameroon Mobile - Mtn23770.2632
Cameroon Mobile - Orange23790.284
Cameroon Proper2370.296
Canada 204 Manitoba1200.0299
Canada 204 Manitoba12040.0299
Canada 250 British Columbia12500.0299
Canada 289 Ontario12890.0299
Canada 306 Saskatchewan13060.0299
Canada 403 Alberta14030.0299
Canada 416 Metro Toronto14160.0299
Canada 418 Quebec City14180.0299
Canada 450 Quebec14500.0299
Canada 506 New Brunswick15060.0299
Canada 514 Quebec15140.0299
Canada 519 Ontario15190.0299
Canada 604 British Columbia16040.0299
Canada 613 Ontario16130.0299
Canada 647 Ontario16470.0299
Canada 705 Ontario17050.0299
Canada 709 New Foundland17090.0299
Canada 778 British Columbia17780.0299
Canada 780 Alberta17800.0299
Canada 807 Ontario18070.0299
Canada 819 Quebec18190.0299
Canada 867 Yukon and N.W.T.18670.0299
Canada 902 Nova Scotia19020.0299
Canada 905 Ontario19050.0299
Cape Verde Mobile238910.3713
Cape Verde Mobile238920.3713
Cape Verde Mobile238930.3713
Cape Verde Mobile238940.3713
Cape Verde Mobile238950.3713
Cape Verde Proper2380.3332
Cayman Islands Mobile13453260.1663
Cayman Islands Mobile13453270.1663
Cayman Islands Mobile13455140.1663
Cayman Islands Mobile13455160.1663
Cayman Islands Mobile13455170.1663
Cayman Islands Mobile13455250.1663
Cayman Islands Mobile13455260.1663
Cayman Islands Mobile13455270.1663
Cayman Islands Mobile13455450.1663
Cayman Islands Mobile13455460.1663
Cayman Islands Mobile13455470.1663
Cayman Islands Mobile13455480.1663
Cayman Islands Mobile13455490.1663
Cayman Islands Mobile13459160.1663
Cayman Islands Mobile13459170.1663
Cayman Islands Mobile13459190.1663
Cayman Islands Mobile13459250.1663
Cayman Islands Mobile13459260.1663
Cayman Islands Mobile13459270.1663
Cayman Islands Mobile13459280.1663
Cayman Islands Mobile13459290.1663
Cayman Islands Mobile13459390.1663
Cayman Islands Proper13450.1285
Chad Mobile23580.3638
Chad Proper2350.3134
Chile Mobile5680.2213
Chile Mobile5690.2213
Chile Proper560.0473
Chile Santiago5620.0476
China Beijing86100.0499
China Mobile86130.0494
China Proper860.0499
Christmas Island Proper618910060.6038
Christmas Island Proper618910070.6038
Christmas Island Proper618910080.6038
Christmas Island Proper61891640.6038
Cocos Islands Proper618910100.6038
Cocos Islands Proper618910110.6038
Cocos Islands Proper618910120.6038
Cocos Islands Proper61891620.6038
Colombia Barranquilla575320.075
Colombia Barranquilla575330.075
Colombia Barranquilla575340.075
Colombia Barranquilla575350.075
Colombia Barranquilla575360.075
Colombia Barranquilla575370.075
Colombia Bogota57120.0725
Colombia Bogota57130.0725
Colombia Bogota57140.0725
Colombia Bogota57150.0725
Colombia Bogota57160.0725
Colombia Bogota57170.0725
Colombia Cali57230.0749
Colombia Cali57240.0749
Colombia Cali57250.0749
Colombia Cali57260.0749
Colombia Cali572880.0749
Colombia Cali572890.0749
Colombia Cali57290910.0749
Colombia Cali57290920.0749
Colombia Medellin57420.1062
Colombia Medellin57430.1062
Colombia Medellin57440.1062
Colombia Medellin57450.1062
Colombia Medellin57485000.1062
Colombia Medellin57485010.1062
Colombia Medellin57485060.1062
Colombia Medellin57485100.1062
Colombia Medellin57485110.1062
Colombia Mobile573000.1159
Colombia Mobile573100.1159
Colombia Mobile573150.1159
Colombia Palmira57225480.1076
Colombia Palmira57225540.1076
Colombia Palmira57226240.1076
Colombia Palmira57226600.1076
Colombia Palmira57226830.1076
Colombia Palmira57226840.1076
Colombia Palmira57226890.1076
Colombia Palmira572270.1076
Colombia Palmira572280.1076
Colombia Pereira576310.0975
Colombia Pereira576320.0975
Colombia Pereira576330.0975
Colombia Pereira576350.0975
Colombia Proper570.1125
Comoros Mobile26930.3787
Congo Mobile242440.1908
Congo Mobile24250.1908
Congo Mobile24260.1908
Congo Proper2420.1976
Cook Islands Mobile682550.9437
Cook Islands Mobile682620.9437
Cook Islands Mobile682630.9437
Cook Islands Mobile682660.9437
Cook Islands Mobile682670.9437
Cook Islands Mobile682680.9437
Cook Islands Mobile682690.9437
Cook Islands Premium682600.9437
Cook Islands Premium682610.9437
Cook Islands Premium682640.9437
Cook Islands Premium682650.9437
Cook Islands Proper6820.9437
Costa Rica Mobile5062830.0929
Costa Rica Mobile5062840.0929
Costa Rica Mobile50630.0929
Costa Rica Mobile5067120.0929
Costa Rica Mobile50680.0929
Costa Rica Proper5060.0727
Cote D'Ivoire Abidjan22520.2037
Cote D'Ivoire Mobile22500.2539
Cote D'Ivoire Proper2250.2175
Croatia Mobile385910.2722
Croatia Mobile385970.2722
Croatia Mobile385980.2722
Croatia Mobile385990.2722
Croatia Proper3850.088
Cuba Guantanamo Bay53990.9749
Cuba Mobile532135561.1499
Cuba Mobile53226881.1499
Cuba Mobile532342771.1499
Cuba Mobile532342781.1499
Cuba Mobile53244191.1499
Cuba Mobile5324611.1499
Cuba Mobile53314661.1499
Cuba Mobile533225911.1499
Cuba Mobile533326681.1499
Cuba Mobile533326691.1499
Cuba Mobile533326721.1499
Cuba Mobile533326731.1499
Cuba Mobile533330881.1499
Cuba Mobile533330891.1499
Cuba Mobile5341281.1499
Cuba Mobile53422101.1499
Cuba Mobile534325581.1499
Cuba Mobile53452491.1499
Cuba Mobile53456161.1499
Cuba Mobile53456791.1499
Cuba Mobile53463191.1499
Cuba Mobile5372631.1499
Cuba Mobile5372641.1499
Cuba Mobile537501.1499
Cuba Mobile537511.1499
Cuba Mobile537561.1499
Cuba Mobile5378801.1499
Cuba Mobile5378851.1499
Cuba Mobile5378861.1499
Cuba Mobile5378901.1499
Cuba Mobile5378911.1499
Cuba Mobile5378921.1499
Cuba Proper531.1499
Cyprus Mobile3579910.0994
Cyprus Mobile35799200.0994
Cyprus Mobile3579930.0994
Cyprus Mobile3579940.0994
Cyprus Mobile3579950.0994
Cyprus Mobile3579960.0994
Cyprus Mobile35799740.0994
Cyprus Mobile35799750.0994
Cyprus Mobile35799760.0994
Cyprus Mobile35799770.0994
Cyprus Mobile35799780.0994
Cyprus Mobile35799790.0994
Cyprus Mobile3579980.0994
Cyprus Mobile3579990.0994
Cyprus Proper3570.0765
Czech Republic Mobile4206010.2331
Czech Republic Mobile4206020.2331
Czech Republic Mobile4206030.2331
Czech Republic Mobile4206040.2331
Czech Republic Mobile4206050.2331
Czech Republic Mobile4206060.2331
Czech Republic Mobile4206070.2331
Czech Republic Mobile4206080.2331
Czech Republic Mobile420720.2331
Czech Republic Mobile420730.2331
Czech Republic Mobile420770.2331
Czech Republic Mobile420930.2331
Czech Republic Mobile420960.2331
Czech Republic Proper4200.056
Denmark Mobile4520.2749
Denmark Mobile4530.2749
Denmark Mobile45400.2749
Denmark Mobile454140.2749
Denmark Mobile45500.2749
Denmark Mobile45510.2749
Denmark Mobile45600.2749
Denmark Mobile45610.2749
Denmark Proper450.0499
Diego Garcia Premium2462.5675
Djibouti Mobile253800.4726
Djibouti Mobile253810.4726
Djibouti Mobile253820.4726
Djibouti Mobile253830.4726
Djibouti Proper2530.4062
Dominica Mobile17672250.2288
Dominica Mobile17672350.2288
Dominica Mobile17672450.2288
Dominica Mobile17672650.2288
Dominica Mobile17672750.2288
Dominica Mobile17672760.2288
Dominica Mobile17672770.2288
Dominica Proper1760.2288
Dominican Republic Mobile18092010.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18092040.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18092130.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18092220.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18092230.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18092240.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18092490.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18092500.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18092510.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18092520.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18092530.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18092540.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18092560.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18092570.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18092580.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18092670.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18092680.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18092690.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile1809270.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18092830.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile1809300.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18093100.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18093120.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18093140.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18093210.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18093220.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18093230.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18093240.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18093250.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18093260.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18093270.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18093300.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18093400.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18093410.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18093420.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18093430.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18093440.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18093450.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18093480.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18093500.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18093550.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18093600.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18093660.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18093700.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18093740.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18093760.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18093830.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18093950.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18093960.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18093990.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18094150.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18094160.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18094170.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18094180.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18094190.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18094200.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18094210.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18094230.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18094240.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18094280.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18094290.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18094300.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18094310.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18094320.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18094360.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18094370.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18094380.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18094390.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18094400.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18094410.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18094420.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18094430.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18094440.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18094450.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18094460.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18094470.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18094480.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18094490.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18094510.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18094520.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18094530.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18094540.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18094560.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18094570.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18094580.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18094590.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18094700.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18094810.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile1809490.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18095150.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18095190.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18095420.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18095430.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18095450.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18096040.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18096240.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18096280.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18096290.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18096300.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18096310.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18096320.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18096340.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18096350.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18096370.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18096390.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile1809640.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18096500.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18096510.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18096520.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18096530.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18096560.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18096580.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18096590.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18096700.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18096710.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18096960.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18096970.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18097070.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18097100.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18097230.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18097270.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18097290.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18097490.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18097500.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18097510.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18097520.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18097530.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18097540.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18097560.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18097570.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18097580.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18097590.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18097600.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18097610.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18097620.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18097630.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18097640.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18097650.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18097670.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18097680.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18097690.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18097710.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18097720.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18097730.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18097740.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18097750.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18097760.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18097770.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18097850.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18097860.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18097870.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18097960.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18098010.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18098020.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18098030.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18098040.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18098050.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18098150.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18098160.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18098170.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18098180.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18098290.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18098340.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18098350.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18098370.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18098380.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18098390.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile1809840.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18098500.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18098510.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18098520.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18098530.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18098540.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18098550.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18098560.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18098570.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18098580.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile1809860.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18098730.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18098740.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18098750.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18098760.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18098770.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18098780.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18098790.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18098800.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18098810.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18098820.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18098830.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18098840.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18098850.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18098860.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18098870.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18098890.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18098900.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18099120.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18099130.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18099140.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18099150.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18099160.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18099170.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18099180.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18099280.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18099290.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18099320.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18099380.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18099390.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18099400.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18099410.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18099420.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18099430.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18099440.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18099450.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18099460.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18099520.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18099530.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18099720.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18099730.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18099740.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18099750.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18099770.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18099780.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18099790.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18099800.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18099810.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile18099820.1741
Dominican Republic Mobile1809990.1741
Dominican Republic Pager18092080.1875
Dominican Republic Pager18092090.1875
Dominican Republic Pager18092250.1875
Dominican Republic Pager18092600.1875
Dominican Republic Pager18092660.1875
Dominican Republic Pager18093680.1875
Dominican Republic Pager18093710.1875
Dominican Republic Pager18093730.1875
Dominican Republic Pager18093770.1875
Dominican Republic Pager18093860.1875
Dominican Republic Pager18093870.1875
Dominican Republic Pager18093900.1875
Dominican Republic Pager18093920.1875
Dominican Republic Pager18093930.1875
Dominican Republic Pager18093940.1875
Dominican Republic Pager18094600.1875
Dominican Republic Pager18094610.1875
Dominican Republic Pager18094620.1875
Dominican Republic Pager18094630.1875
Dominican Republic Pager18094640.1875
Dominican Republic Pager18094650.1875
Dominican Republic Pager18094750.1875
Dominican Republic Pager18094770.1875
Dominican Republic Pager18094780.1875
Dominican Republic Pager18094790.1875
Dominican Republic Pager18094860.1875
Dominican Republic Pager18094880.1875
Dominican Republic Pager18095040.1875
Dominican Republic Pager18095060.1875
Dominican Republic Pager18095120.1875
Dominican Republic Pager18095200.1875
Dominican Republic Pager18095460.1875
Dominican Republic Pager18096060.1875
Dominican Republic Pager18096150.1875
Dominican Republic Pager18096180.1875
Dominican Republic Pager18096360.1875
Dominican Republic Pager18096380.1875
Dominican Republic Pager18096600.1875
Dominican Republic Pager18096940.1875
Dominican Republic Pager18096980.1875
Dominican Republic Pager18097200.1875
Dominican Republic Pager18097210.1875
Dominican Republic Pager18097220.1875
Dominican Republic Pager18097440.1875
Dominican Republic Pager18097990.1875
Dominican Republic Pager18098060.1875
Dominican Republic Pager18098070.1875
Dominican Republic Pager18098080.1875
Dominican Republic Pager18098100.1875
Dominican Republic Pager18098140.1875
Dominican Republic Pager18098300.1875
Dominican Republic Pager18098310.1875
Dominican Republic Pager18098320.1875
Dominican Republic Pager18098710.1875
Dominican Republic Pager18098880.1875
Dominican Republic Pager18099080.1875
Dominican Republic Pager18099560.1875
Dominican Republic Pager18099570.1875
Dominican Republic Pager18099580.1875
Dominican Republic Pager18099850.1875
Dominican Republic Pager18099860.1875
Dominican Republic Pager18099870.1875
Dominican Republic Pager18099880.1875
Dominican Republic Pager18099890.1875
Dominican Republic Proper18090.1101
East Timor Mobile 670710.65
East Timor Mobile670720.65
East Timor Mobile670730.65
East Timor Mobile670740.65
East Timor Mobile670750.65
East Timor Mobile670760.65
East Timor Mobile670770.65
East Timor Mobile670780.65
East Timor Proper6700.65
Ecuador Bolivar593320.195
Ecuador Cuenca59372320.1393
Ecuador Cuenca59372330.1393
Ecuador Cuenca593723400.1393
Ecuador Cuenca593723410.1393
Ecuador Cuenca5937234200.1393
Ecuador Cuenca5937234210.1393
Ecuador Cuenca593723500.1393
Ecuador Cuenca5937236000.1393
Ecuador Cuenca5937236010.1393
Ecuador Cuenca5937236020.1393
Ecuador Cuenca593723650.1393
Ecuador Cuenca593723700.1393
Ecuador Cuenca593723750.1393
Ecuador Cuenca593723760.1393
Ecuador Cuenca593723770.1393
Ecuador Cuenca593723850.1393
Ecuador Cuenca593723860.1393
Ecuador Cuenca593723870.1393
Ecuador Cuenca5937239000.1393
Ecuador Cuenca5937239010.1393
Ecuador Cuenca5937239020.1393
Ecuador Cuenca593724000.1393
Ecuador Cuenca593724400.1393
Ecuador Cuenca593724500.1393
Ecuador Cuenca593724510.1393
Ecuador Cuenca593724520.1393
Ecuador Cuenca593724530.1393
Ecuador Cuenca593724600.1393
Ecuador Cuenca593724700.1393
Ecuador Cuenca593724750.1393
Ecuador Cuenca593724760.1393
Ecuador Cuenca593724770.1393
Ecuador Cuenca593724800.1393
Ecuador Cuenca593724810.1393
Ecuador Cuenca593724850.1393
Ecuador Cuenca593724900.1393
Ecuador Cuenca59372800.1393
Ecuador Cuenca59372810.1393
Ecuador Cuenca59372820.1393
Ecuador Cuenca59372830.1393
Ecuador Cuenca59372840.1393
Ecuador Cuenca593728500.1393
Ecuador Cuenca593728510.1393
Ecuador Cuenca593728530.1393
Ecuador Cuenca593728540.1393
Ecuador Cuenca593728550.1393
Ecuador Cuenca593728560.1393
Ecuador Cuenca593728570.1393
Ecuador Cuenca593728580.1393
Ecuador Cuenca593728590.1393
Ecuador Cuenca59372860.1393
Ecuador Cuenca593728700.1393
Ecuador Cuenca593728710.1393
Ecuador Cuenca593728720.1393
Ecuador Cuenca593728750.1393
Ecuador Cuenca593728760.1393
Ecuador Cuenca593728770.1393
Ecuador Cuenca593728780.1393
Ecuador Cuenca593728790.1393
Ecuador Cuenca59372880.1393
Ecuador Cuenca59372890.1393
Ecuador Cuenca593729000.1393
Ecuador Cuenca593729010.1393
Ecuador Guayaquil593420.1781
Ecuador Mobile59390.1495
Ecuador Proper5930.195
Ecuador Quito593220.1918
Egypt cairo2020.209
Egypt cairo2020.209
Egypt Mobile20100.209
Egypt Mobile20110.209
Egypt Mobile20120.209
Egypt Mobile20100.209
Egypt Mobile20110.209
Egypt Mobile20120.209
Egypt Proper200.209
Egypt Proper200.209
El Salvador Mobile50370.1531
El Salvador Mobile50380.1531
El Salvador Proper5030.1465
Ellipso Satellite88125.65
Equatorial Guinea Mobile240230.3146
Equatorial Guinea Mobile240240.3146
Equatorial Guinea Mobile240250.3146
Equatorial Guinea Mobile240260.3146
Equatorial Guinea Mobile240270.3146
Equatorial Guinea Mobile24030.3146
Equatorial Guinea Mobile24040.3146
Equatorial Guinea Mobile24050.3146
Equatorial Guinea Mobile24060.3146
Equatorial Guinea Mobile24070.3146
Equatorial Guinea Proper2400.3287
Eritrea Mobile2911710.3676
Eritrea Mobile2911720.3676
Eritrea Mobile2911730.3676
Eritrea Mobile29170.3676
Eritrea Proper2910.3684
Estonia Mobile37250.3
Estonia Proper3720.0589
Ethiopia Addis Ababa25110.389
Ethiopia Mobile2519200.389
Ethiopia Mobile2519210.389
Ethiopia Mobile2519220.389
Ethiopia Mobile2519230.389
Ethiopia Mobile2519290.389
Ethiopia Proper2510.389
Falkland Islands Proper 5000.6691
Faroe Islands Mobile298210.2225
Faroe Islands Mobile298220.2225
Faroe Islands Mobile298230.2225
Faroe Islands Mobile298240.2225
Faroe Islands Mobile298250.2225
Faroe Islands Mobile298260.2225
Faroe Islands Mobile298270.2225
Faroe Islands Mobile298280.2225
Faroe Islands Mobile298290.2225
Faroe Islands Mobile29850.2225
Faroe Islands Mobile298710.2225
Faroe Islands Mobile298720.2225
Faroe Islands Mobile298730.2225
Faroe Islands Mobile298740.2225
Faroe Islands Mobile298750.2225
Faroe Islands Mobile298760.2225
Faroe Islands Mobile298770.2225
Faroe Islands Mobile298780.2225
Faroe Islands Mobile298790.2225
Faroe Islands Mobile298910.2225
Faroe Islands Mobile298920.2225
Faroe Islands Mobile298930.2225
Faroe Islands Mobile298940.2225
Faroe Islands Mobile298950.2225
Faroe Islands Mobile298960.2225
Faroe Islands Mobile298970.2225
Faroe Islands Mobile298980.2225
Faroe Islands Mobile298990.2225
Faroe Islands Proper2980.2225
Fiji Mobile6799240.3362
Fiji Mobile6799250.3362
Fiji Mobile6799260.3362
Fiji Mobile6799270.3362
Fiji Mobile6799280.3362
Fiji Mobile6799900.3362
Fiji Mobile6799910.3362
Fiji Mobile6799920.3362
Fiji Mobile6799930.3362
Fiji Mobile6799940.3362
Fiji Mobile6799950.3362
Fiji Mobile6799960.3362
Fiji Mobile6799970.3362
Fiji Mobile6799980.3362
Fiji Proper6790.31
Finland Helsinki3580.0605
Finland Helsinki358900.0605
Finland Helsinki358910.0605
Finland Helsinki358920.0605
Finland Helsinki358930.0605
Finland Helsinki358940.0605
Finland Helsinki358950.0605
Finland Helsinki35896010.0605
Finland Helsinki35896020.0605
Finland Helsinki35896030.0605
Finland Helsinki35896040.0605
Finland Helsinki35896050.0605
Finland Helsinki35896060.0605
Finland Helsinki35896070.0605
Finland Helsinki35896080.0605
Finland Helsinki35896090.0605
Finland Helsinki3589610.0605
Finland Helsinki3589620.0605
Finland Helsinki3589630.0605
Finland Helsinki3589640.0605
Finland Helsinki3589650.0605
Finland Helsinki3589660.0605
Finland Helsinki3589670.0605
Finland Helsinki3589680.0605
Finland Helsinki35896900.0605
Finland Helsinki35896910.0605
Finland Helsinki35896920.0605
Finland Helsinki35896930.0605
Finland Helsinki35896940.0605
Finland Helsinki35896950.0605
Finland Helsinki35896960.0605
Finland Helsinki35896970.0605
Finland Helsinki35896980.0605
Finland Helsinki35896990.0605
Finland Helsinki35897010.0605
Finland Helsinki35897020.0605
Finland Helsinki35897030.0605
Finland Helsinki35897040.0605
Finland Helsinki35897050.0605
Finland Helsinki35897060.0605
Finland Helsinki35897070.0605
Finland Helsinki35897080.0605
Finland Helsinki35897090.0605
Finland Helsinki3589710.0605
Finland Helsinki3589720.0605
Finland Helsinki3589730.0605
Finland Helsinki3589740.0605
Finland Helsinki3589750.0605
Finland Helsinki3589760.0605
Finland Helsinki3589770.0605
Finland Helsinki3589780.0605
Finland Helsinki35897900.0605
Finland Helsinki35897910.0605
Finland Helsinki35897920.0605
Finland Helsinki35897930.0605
Finland Helsinki35897940.0605
Finland Helsinki35897950.0605
Finland Helsinki35897960.0605
Finland Helsinki35897970.0605
Finland Helsinki35897980.0605
Finland Helsinki35897990.0605
Finland Helsinki35898010.0605
Finland Helsinki35898020.0605
Finland Helsinki35898030.0605
Finland Helsinki35898040.0605
Finland Helsinki35898050.0605
Finland Helsinki35898060.0605
Finland Helsinki35898070.0605
Finland Helsinki35898080.0605
Finland Helsinki35898090.0605
Finland Helsinki3589810.0605
Finland Helsinki3589820.0605
Finland Helsinki3589830.0605
Finland Helsinki3589840.0605
Finland Helsinki3589850.0605
Finland Helsinki3589860.0605
Finland Helsinki3589870.0605
Finland Helsinki3589880.0605
Finland Helsinki3589890.0605
Finland Helsinki358990.0605
Finland Mobile358400.2014
Finland Mobile358410.2014
Finland Mobile358420.2014
Finland Mobile3584320.2014
Finland Mobile3584380.2014
Finland Mobile3584390.2014
Finland Mobile358440.2014
Finland Mobile3584500.2014
Finland Mobile35845550.2014
Finland Mobile35845560.2014
Finland Mobile35845590.2014
Finland Mobile3584560.2014
Finland Mobile35845700.2014
Finland Mobile35845730.2014
Finland Mobile35845750.2014
Finland Mobile35845760.2014
Finland Mobile35845770.2014
Finland Mobile35845780.2014
Finland Mobile35845790.2014
Finland Mobile358460.2014
Finland Mobile358500.2014
Finland Personal358100.2512
Finland Personal358200.2512
Finland Personal358300.2512
Finland Personal358710.2512
Finland Personal358730.2512
Finland Personal358750.2512
France Marseille334910.0474
France Mobile - Bouygues Tele336600.2249
France Mobile - Bouygues Tele336610.2249
France Mobile - Bouygues Tele336620.2249
France Mobile - Bouygues Tele336630.2249
France Mobile - Bouygues Tele336640.2249
France Mobile - Bouygues Tele336650.2249
France Mobile - Bouygues Tele336660.2249
France Mobile - Bouygues Tele336670.2249
France Mobile - Bouygues Tele336680.2249
France Mobile - Bouygues Tele336980.2249
France Mobile - Bouygues Tele336990.2249
France Mobile - Orange336070.2249
France Mobile - Orange336080.2249
France Mobile - Orange336300.2249
France Mobile - Orange336310.2249
France Mobile - Orange336320.2249
France Mobile - Orange336330.2249
France Mobile - Orange33670.2249
France Mobile - Orange33680.2249
France Mobile - SFR336030.2249
France Mobile - SFR336090.2249
France Mobile - SFR33610.2249
France Mobile - SFR336200.2249
France Mobile - SFR336210.2249
France Mobile - SFR336220.2249
France Mobile - SFR336230.2249
France Mobile - SFR336240.2249
France Mobile - SFR336250.2249
France Mobile - SFR336260.2249
France Mobile - SFR336270.2249
France Mobile - TESAM336380.2249
France Mobile - TESAM336400.2249
France Paris3310.0474
France Premium338360.2437
France Premium338900.2437
France Premium338910.2437
France Premium338920.2437
France Premium338930.2437
France Premium338970.2437
France Premium338980.2437
France Premium338990.2437
France Proper330.0474
French Guiana Mobile594694200.2437
French Guiana Mobile594694210.2437
French Guiana Mobile594694220.2437
French Guiana Mobile594694230.2437
French Guiana Mobile594694240.2437
French Guiana Mobile594694260.2437
French Guiana Mobile594694380.2437
French Guiana Mobile594694400.2437
French Guiana Mobile594694410.2437
French Guiana Mobile594694420.2437
French Guiana Mobile594694430.2437
French Guiana Mobile594694440.2437
French Guiana Mobile594694450.2437
French Guiana Mobile594694900.2437
French Guiana Mobile594694910.2437
French Guiana Mobile594694920.2437
French Guiana Proper5940.2162
French Polynesia Mobile689200.2863
French Polynesia Mobile689210.2863
French Polynesia Mobile689230.2863
French Polynesia Mobile689240.2863
French Polynesia Mobile689250.2863
French Polynesia Mobile68970.2863
French Polynesia Proper6890.2863
Gabon Mobile241030.1785
Gabon Mobile241040.1785
Gabon Mobile241050.1785
Gabon Mobile241060.1785
Gabon Mobile241070.1785
Gabon Mobile241080.1785
Gabon Mobile241090.1785
Gabon Mobile241100.1785
Gabon Mobile241110.1785
Gabon Mobile241140.1785
Gabon Mobile241150.1785
Gabon Mobile24120.1785
Gabon Mobile24130.1785
Gabon Mobile241410.1785
Gabon Mobile241510.1785
Gabon Mobile241520.1785
Gabon Mobile241530.1785
Gabon Mobile241570.1785
Gabon Mobile241610.1785
Gabon Mobile241630.1785
Gabon Mobile241680.1785
Gabon Mobile241750.1785
Gabon Mobile241800.1785
Gabon Mobile241810.1785
Gabon Mobile241840.1785
Gabon Mobile241850.1785
Gabon Mobile241870.1785
Gabon Mobile241890.1785
Gabon Mobile241910.1785
Gabon Mobile241940.1785
Gabon Mobile241950.1785
Gabon Mobile241970.1785
Gabon Proper2410.145
Gambia Mobile2207700.2129
Gambia Mobile2207750.2129
Gambia Mobile2207760.2129
Gambia Mobile2207770.2129
Gambia Mobile2207780.2129
Gambia Mobile2207790.2129
Gambia Mobile220990.2129
Gambia Proper2200.2417
Garuda Satellite88229.4
Georgia Mobile995282050.1981
Georgia Mobile995770.1981
Georgia Mobile995930.1981
Georgia Mobile995990.1981
Georgia Premium9953210.1938
Georgia Premium9953250.1938
Georgia Premium9953280.1938
Georgia Proper9950.0988
Georgia Tbilisi9953200.1054
Georgia Tbilisi9953220.1054
Georgia Tbilisi9953230.1054
Georgia Tbilisi9953240.1054
Georgia Tbilisi9953260.1054
Georgia Tbilisi9953270.1054
Georgia Tbilisi9953290.1054
Germany Berlin49300.0474
Germany Cologne492210.0474
Germany Dusseldorf492110.0474
Germany Essen492010.0474
Germany Frankfurt49690.0474
Germany Hamburg49400.0474
Germany Hannover495110.0474
Germany Mannheim496210.0474
Germany Mobile - D1 (Tmobil)491510.2749
Germany Mobile - D1 (Tmobil)491600.2749
Germany Mobile - D1 (Tmobil)491700.2749
Germany Mobile - D1 (Tmobil)491710.2749
Germany Mobile - D1 (Tmobil)491750.2749
Germany Mobile - E1 (E-Plus M491570.2749
Germany Mobile - E1 (E-Plus M491630.2749
Germany Mobile - E1 (E-Plus M491770.2749
Germany Mobile - E1 (E-Plus M491780.2749
Germany Mobile - E-Plus 3G Lu491550.2749
Germany Mobile - Group 3G491500.2749
Germany Mobile - MobilCom491560.2749
Germany Mobile - O2491590.2749
Germany Mobile - O2491760.2749
Germany Mobile - O2491790.2749
Germany Mobile - Vodafone491520.2749
Germany Mobile - Vodafone491620.2749
Germany Mobile - Vodafone491720.2749
Germany Mobile - Vodafone491730.2749
Germany Mobile - Vodafone491740.2749
Germany Munich49890.0474
Germany Proper490.0474
Germany Stuttgart497110.0474
Germany Wiesbaden496110.0474
Ghana Accra233210.1186
Ghana Mobile233200.1812
Ghana Mobile233240.1812
Ghana Mobile233270.1812
Ghana Mobile233280.1812
Ghana Proper2330.1578
Ghana Tema233220.1293
Gibraltar Mobile350540.2225
Gibraltar Mobile350560.2225
Gibraltar Mobile350570.2225
Gibraltar Mobile350580.2225
Gibraltar Proper3500.2225
Globalstar Satellite88189.4
Greece Athens302100.0563
Greece Mobile - Cosmote306970.2374
Greece Mobile - Q Telecom306990.2374
Greece Mobile - Telestet306930.2374
Greece Mobile - Vodafone306940.2374
Greece Proper300.0624
Greenland Mobile299490.7025
Greenland Mobile29950.7025
Greenland Proper2990.1781
Grenada Mobile14734060.2225
Grenada Mobile147340710.2225
Grenada Mobile147340720.2225
Grenada Mobile147340730.2225
Grenada Mobile147340740.2225
Grenada Mobile147340750.2225
Grenada Mobile147340760.2225
Grenada Mobile14734140.2225
Grenada Mobile14734150.2225
Grenada Mobile14734160.2225
Grenada Mobile14734170.2225
Grenada Mobile14734180.2225
Grenada Mobile14734190.2225
Grenada Proper1470.2225
Guadeloupe Mobile590690000.315
Guadeloupe Mobile590690100.315
Guadeloupe Mobile590690270.315
Guadeloupe Mobile59069030.315
Guadeloupe Mobile59069040.315
Guadeloupe Mobile59069050.315
Guadeloupe Mobile59069060.315
Guadeloupe Mobile590690710.315
Guadeloupe Mobile590690720.315
Guadeloupe Mobile590690730.315
Guadeloupe Mobile590690740.315
Guadeloupe Mobile590690750.315
Guadeloupe Mobile590690760.315
Guadeloupe Mobile590690800.315
Guadeloupe Mobile590690810.315
Guadeloupe Mobile590690820.315
Guadeloupe Mobile590690830.315
Guadeloupe Mobile590690840.315
Guadeloupe Mobile590690850.315
Guadeloupe Mobile590690860.315
Guadeloupe Mobile590690870.315
Guadeloupe Mobile590690880.315
Guadeloupe Mobile590690900.315
Guadeloupe Mobile590690910.315
Guadeloupe Mobile590690990.315
Guadeloupe Proper5900.1194
Guam Proper16710.07
Guatemala Mobile - Other Carr502200.315
Guatemala Mobile - Other Carr502210.315
Guatemala Mobile - Other Carr5022770.315
Guatemala Mobile - Other Carr5022790.315
Guatemala Mobile - Other Carr502290.315
Guatemala Mobile - Other Carr502300.315
Guatemala Mobile - Other Carr5023120.315
Guatemala Mobile - Other Carr5023130.315
Guatemala Mobile - Other Carr5023140.315
Guatemala Mobile - Other Carr5023150.315
Guatemala Mobile - Other Carr5023160.315
Guatemala Mobile - Other Carr5023170.315
Guatemala Mobile - Other Carr5023180.315
Guatemala Mobile - Other Carr5023190.315
Guatemala Mobile - Other Carr5023280.315
Guatemala Mobile - Other Carr5023770.315
Guatemala Mobile - Other Carr5023790.315
Guatemala Mobile - Other Carr502390.315
Guatemala Mobile - Other Carr502400.315
Guatemala Mobile - Other Carr5024270.315
Guatemala Mobile - Other Carr5024280.315
Guatemala Mobile - Other Carr5024290.315
Guatemala Mobile - Other Carr5024590.315
Guatemala Mobile - Other Carr5024700.315
Guatemala Mobile - Other Carr502500.315
Guatemala Mobile - Other Carr5025180.315
Guatemala Mobile - Other Carr5025190.315
Guatemala Mobile - Other Carr5025200.315
Guatemala Mobile - Other Carr5025210.315
Guatemala Mobile - Other Carr5025220.315
Guatemala Mobile - Other Carr5025410.315
Guatemala Mobile - Other Carr5025420.315
Guatemala Mobile - Other Carr5026000.315
Guatemala Mobile - Other Carr5026010.315
Guatemala Mobile - Other Carr5026020.315
Guatemala Mobile - Other Carr5026030.315
Guatemala Mobile - Other Carr5026040.315
Guatemala Mobile - Other Carr5026280.315
Guatemala Mobile - Other Carr5026590.315
Guatemala Mobile - Other Carr5026770.315
Guatemala Mobile - Other Carr5026790.315
Guatemala Mobile - Other Carr502700.315
Guatemala Mobile - Other Carr5027190.315
Guatemala Mobile - Other Carr5027280.315
Guatemala Mobile - Other Carr5027590.315
Guatemala Mobile - Other Carr5027790.315
Guatemala Mobile - Other Carr502790.315
Guatemala Mobile - Other Carr502800.315
Guatemala Mobile - Other Carr5028190.315
Guatemala Mobile - Other Carr5028280.315
Guatemala Mobile - Other Carr5028590.315
Guatemala Mobile - Other Carr5028790.315
Guatemala Mobile - Other Carr502890.315
Guatemala Mobile - Other Carr502900.315
Guatemala Mobile - Other Carr5029150.315
Guatemala Mobile - Other Carr5029160.315
Guatemala Mobile - Other Carr5029170.315
Guatemala Mobile - Other Carr5029180.315
Guatemala Mobile - Other Carr5029190.315
Guatemala Mobile - Other Carr5029290.315
Guatemala Mobile - Other Carr5029590.315
Guatemala Mobile - Other Carr5029790.315
Guatemala Mobile - Other Carr5029900.315
Guatemala Mobile - Other Carr5029910.315
Guatemala Mobile - Other Carr5029920.315
Guatemala Mobile - Other Carr5029930.315
Guatemala Mobile - Other Carr5029940.315
Guatemala Mobile - Other Carr5029950.315
Guatemala Mobile - Other Carr5029960.315
Guatemala Mobile - Other Carr5029970.315
Guatemala Mobile - Other Carr5029980.315
Guatemala Mobile - PCS5023100.315
Guatemala Mobile - PCS5023110.315
Guatemala Mobile - PCS502410.315
Guatemala Mobile - PCS5024200.315
Guatemala Mobile - PCS5024210.315
Guatemala Mobile - PCS5024220.315
Guatemala Mobile - PCS502490.315
Guatemala Mobile - PCS5025100.315
Guatemala Mobile - PCS5025110.315
Guatemala Mobile - PCS5025120.315
Guatemala Mobile - PCS5025130.315
Guatemala Mobile - PCS5025140.315
Guatemala Mobile - PCS5025150.315
Guatemala Mobile - PCS5025160.315
Guatemala Mobile - PCS5025170.315
Guatemala Mobile - PCS5025300.315
Guatemala Mobile - PCS5025310.315
Guatemala Mobile - PCS5025320.315
Guatemala Mobile - PCS5025330.315
Guatemala Mobile - PCS5025340.315
Guatemala Mobile - PCS5025350.315
Guatemala Mobile - PCS5025360.315
Guatemala Mobile - PCS5025370.315
Guatemala Mobile - PCS502590.315
Guatemala Mobile - PCS502610.315
Guatemala Mobile - PCS5026200.315
Guatemala Mobile - PCS502690.315
Guatemala Mobile - PCS5027100.315
Guatemala Mobile - PCS5027110.315
Guatemala Mobile - PCS5027120.315
Guatemala Mobile - PCS5027130.315
Guatemala Mobile - PCS5027140.315
Guatemala Mobile - PCS5027150.315
Guatemala Mobile - PCS5027160.315
Guatemala Mobile - PCS5027170.315
Guatemala Mobile - PCS5027180.315
Guatemala Mobile - PCS5027230.315
Guatemala Mobile - PCS5028100.315
Guatemala Mobile - PCS5028110.315
Guatemala Mobile - PCS5028120.315
Guatemala Mobile - PCS5028130.315
Guatemala Mobile - PCS5028140.315
Guatemala Mobile - PCS5028150.315
Guatemala Mobile - PCS5028160.315
Guatemala Mobile - PCS5028170.315
Guatemala Mobile - PCS5028180.315
Guatemala Mobile - PCS5028200.315
Guatemala Mobile - PCS5029100.315
Guatemala Mobile - PCS5029120.315
Guatemala Mobile - PCS5029130.315
Guatemala Mobile - PCS5029140.315
Guatemala Mobile - PCS5029200.315
Guatemala Proper5020.1578
Guinea Mobile22411210.2225
Guinea Mobile22411220.2225
Guinea Mobile22411230.2225
Guinea Mobile22411250.2225
Guinea Mobile22411260.2225
Guinea Mobile22411270.2225
Guinea Mobile22411280.2225
Guinea Mobile22411290.2225
Guinea Mobile22411330.2225
Guinea Mobile22411340.2225
Guinea Mobile22411540.2225
Guinea Mobile22411550.2225
Guinea Mobile22411570.2225
Guinea Mobile22411580.2225
Guinea Mobile22411590.2225
Guinea Mobile22412660.2225
Guinea Mobile22412670.2225
Guinea Mobile22412690.2225
Guinea Mobile22413100.2225
Guinea Mobile22413350.2225
Guinea Mobile22413400.2225
Guinea Proper2240.1926
Guinea-Bissau Proper2450.9437
Guyana Mobile5922140.3546
Guyana Mobile5922180.3546
Guyana Mobile5922240.3546
Guyana Mobile5922480.3546
Guyana Mobile59226310.3546
Guyana Mobile59226320.3546
Guyana Mobile5922780.3546
Guyana Mobile5922840.3546
Guyana Mobile5922940.3546
Guyana Mobile5923040.3546
Guyana Mobile5923740.3546
Guyana Mobile5923840.3546
Guyana Mobile5923940.3546
Guyana Mobile5926130.3546
Guyana Mobile5926140.3546
Guyana Mobile5926160.3546
Guyana Mobile5926170.3546
Guyana Mobile5926180.3546
Guyana Mobile5926190.3546
Guyana Mobile592620.3546
Guyana Mobile5926300.3546
Guyana Mobile5926330.3546
Guyana Mobile5926340.3546
Guyana Mobile5926350.3546
Guyana Mobile5926390.3546
Guyana Mobile5926400.3546
Guyana Mobile5926410.3546
Guyana Mobile5926440.3546
Guyana Mobile5926450.3546
Guyana Mobile5926780.3546
Guyana Premium59210.3575
Guyana Premium592200.3575
Guyana Premium5922100.3575
Guyana Premium5922110.3575
Guyana Premium5922120.3575
Guyana Premium5922130.3575
Guyana Premium5922400.3575
Guyana Premium5922440.3575
Guyana Premium5922460.3575
Guyana Premium5922470.3575
Guyana Premium5922490.3575
Guyana Premium592480.3575
Guyana Premium592490.3575
Guyana Premium592560.3575
Guyana Premium592570.3575
Guyana Premium592580.3575
Guyana Premium592590.3575
Guyana Premium592600.3575
Guyana Premium5926100.3575
Guyana Premium5926110.3575
Guyana Premium5926120.3575
Guyana Premium5926150.3575
Guyana Premium5928680.3575
Guyana Proper5920.339
Haiti Mobile - Comcel50940.2874
Haiti Mobile - Haitel50950.278
Haiti Mobile - Rectel5093300.3075
Haiti Port Au Prince5092210.1875
Haiti Port Au Prince5092220.1875
Haiti Port Au Prince5092230.1875
Haiti Port Au Prince5092380.1875
Haiti Port Au Prince5092440.1875
Haiti Port Au Prince5092450.1875
Haiti Port Au Prince5092460.1875
Haiti Port Au Prince5092490.1875
Haiti Port Au Prince5092500.1875
Haiti Port Au Prince5092550.1875
Haiti Port Au Prince5092560.1875
Haiti Port Au Prince5092570.1875
Haiti Port Au Prince5092980.1875
Haiti Port Au Prince5092990.1875
Haiti Proper5090.1645
Honduras Mobile504390.3535
Honduras Mobile5049570.3535
Honduras Mobile5049580.3535
Honduras Mobile5049590.3535
Honduras Mobile504960.3535
Honduras Mobile504970.3535
Honduras Mobile504980.3535
Honduras Mobile504990.3535
Honduras Proper5040.3251
Hong Kong Mobile8521700.0426
Hong Kong Mobile8521710.0426
Hong Kong Mobile8521730.0426
Hong Kong Mobile852174210.0426
Hong Kong Mobile8521750.0426
Hong Kong Mobile8521760.0426
Hong Kong Mobile8521770.0426
Hong Kong Mobile8521780.0426
Hong Kong Mobile8521790.0426
Hong Kong Mobile852480.0426
Hong Kong Mobile852490.0426
Hong Kong Mobile8526010.0426
Hong Kong Mobile8526020.0426
Hong Kong Mobile8526030.0426
Hong Kong Mobile8526040.0426
Hong Kong Mobile8526050.0426
Hong Kong Mobile8526060.0426
Hong Kong Mobile8526070.0426
Hong Kong Mobile8526080.0426
Hong Kong Mobile8526090.0426
Hong Kong Mobile852610.0426
Hong Kong Mobile852620.0426
Hong Kong Mobile852630.0426
Hong Kong Mobile852640.0426
Hong Kong Mobile852650.0426
Hong Kong Mobile852670.0426
Hong Kong Mobile852680.0426
Hong Kong Mobile8529010.0426
Hong Kong Mobile8529020.0426
Hong Kong Mobile8529030.0426
Hong Kong Mobile8529040.0426
Hong Kong Mobile8529050.0426
Hong Kong Mobile8529060.0426
Hong Kong Mobile8529070.0426
Hong Kong Mobile8529080.0426
Hong Kong Mobile8529090.0426
Hong Kong Mobile8529100.0426
Hong Kong Mobile8529120.0426
Hong Kong Mobile8529130.0426
Hong Kong Mobile8529140.0426
Hong Kong Mobile8529150.0426
Hong Kong Mobile8529160.0426
Hong Kong Mobile8529170.0426
Hong Kong Mobile8529180.0426
Hong Kong Mobile8529190.0426
Hong Kong Mobile852920.0426
Hong Kong Mobile852930.0426
Hong Kong Mobile852940.0426
Hong Kong Mobile852950.0426
Hong Kong Mobile852960.0426
Hong Kong Mobile852970.0426
Hong Kong Mobile852980.0426
Hong Kong Personal852810.0488
Hong Kong Personal852820.0488
Hong Kong Personal852830.0488
Hong Kong Personal852840.0488
Hong Kong Personal852850.0488
Hong Kong Personal852860.0488
Hong Kong Personal852870.0488
Hong Kong Personal852880.0488
Hong Kong Personal852890.0488
Hong Kong Proper8520.0424
Hungary Budapest36120.0596
Hungary Budapest36130.0596
Hungary Budapest36140.0596
Hungary Budapest36150.0596
Hungary Budapest36160.0596
Hungary Mobile36200.269
Hungary Mobile36300.269
Hungary Mobile36700.269
Hungary Proper360.0589
Iceland Mobile3543880.2938
Iceland Mobile3543890.2938
Iceland Mobile3546160.2938
Iceland Mobile3546170.2938
Iceland Mobile3546200.2938
Iceland Mobile3546210.2938
Iceland Mobile3546220.2938
Iceland Mobile3546230.2938
Iceland Mobile3546240.2938
Iceland Mobile3546250.2938
Iceland Mobile3546260.2938
Iceland Mobile3546270.2938
Iceland Mobile3546300.2938
Iceland Mobile3546490.2938
Iceland Mobile3546500.2938
Iceland Mobile3546590.2938
Iceland Mobile3546600.2938
Iceland Mobile3546610.2938
Iceland Mobile3546620.2938
Iceland Mobile3546630.2938
Iceland Mobile3546640.2938
Iceland Mobile3546690.2938
Iceland Mobile3546700.2938
Iceland Mobile3546710.2938
Iceland Mobile3546720.2938
Iceland Mobile3546730.2938
Iceland Mobile3546740.2938
Iceland Mobile3546790.2938
Iceland Mobile354680.2938
Iceland Mobile354690.2938
Iceland Mobile354820.2938
Iceland Mobile354830.2938
Iceland Mobile3548400.2938
Iceland Mobile3548450.2938
Iceland Mobile3548460.2938
Iceland Mobile3548470.2938
Iceland Mobile3548480.2938
Iceland Mobile3548490.2938
Iceland Mobile354850.2938
Iceland Mobile354860.2938
Iceland Mobile3548700.2938
Iceland Mobile3548710.2938
Iceland Mobile3548720.2938
Iceland Mobile3548730.2938
Iceland Mobile3548750.2938
Iceland Mobile3548760.2938
Iceland Mobile3548780.2938
Iceland Mobile354880.2938
Iceland Mobile354890.2938
Iceland Proper3540.0666
ICO Global Communications Sat88105.65
India 910.1
Indonesia Jakarta62210.0673
Indonesia Mobile628110.1865
Indonesia Mobile628120.1865
Indonesia Mobile628130.1865
Indonesia Mobile628150.1865
Indonesia Mobile628160.1865
Indonesia Mobile628170.1865
Indonesia Mobile628180.1865
Indonesia Mobile628190.1865
Indonesia Mobile62820.1865
Indonesia Mobile62830.1865
Indonesia Mobile62850.1865
Indonesia Mobile62860.1865
Indonesia Mobile62880.1865
Indonesia Proper620.1391
Indonesia Surabaya62310.0744
Inmarsat Atlantic Ocean-East875.675
Inmarsat Atlantic Ocean-East87115.675
Inmarsat Atlantic Ocean-East87135.675
Inmarsat Atlantic Ocean-East87145.675
Inmarsat Atlantic Ocean-East87165.675
Inmarsat Atlantic Ocean-East87175.675
Inmarsat Atlantic Ocean-West87415.675
Inmarsat Atlantic Ocean-West87435.675
Inmarsat Atlantic Ocean-West87445.675
Inmarsat Atlantic Ocean-West87465.675
Inmarsat Atlantic Ocean-West87475.675
Inmarsat Indian Ocean A87315.675
Inmarsat Indian Ocean B87335.675
Inmarsat Indian Ocean C87345.675
Inmarsat Indian Ocean M87365.675
Inmarsat Indian Ocean MiniM87375.675
Inmarsat Pacific Ocean A87215.675
Inmarsat Pacific Ocean B87235.675
Inmarsat Pacific Ocean C87245.675
Inmarsat Pacific Ocean M87265.675
Inmarsat Pacific Ocean MiniM87275.675
Inmarsat SNAC B87035.675
Inmarsat SNAC MiniM87075.675
Iran Mobile989110.1799
Iran Mobile989120.1799
Iran Mobile989130.1799
Iran Mobile989140.1799
Iran Mobile989150.1799
Iran Mobile989160.1799
Iran Mobile989170.1799
Iran Mobile989180.1799
Iran Mobile989310.1799
Iran Mobile989340.1799
Iran Proper980.1525
Iran Tehran98210.1525
Iraq Baghdad96410.035
Iraq Mobile96477010.2
Iraq Mobile96477020.2
Iraq Mobile96478010.2
Iraq Mobile96478020.2
Iraq Mobile96479010.2
Iraq Mobile96479020.2
Iraq Proper9640.1
Ireland Dublin3530.0499
Ireland Dublin353100.0499
Ireland Dublin353110.0499
Ireland Dublin3531200.0499
Ireland Dublin3531220.0499
Ireland Dublin3531230.0499
Ireland Dublin3531240.0499
Ireland Dublin3531250.0499
Ireland Dublin3531260.0499
Ireland Dublin3531270.0499
Ireland Dublin3531280.0499
Ireland Dublin3531290.0499
Ireland Dublin353130.0499
Ireland Dublin353140.0499
Ireland Dublin3531500.0499
Ireland Dublin3531510.0499
Ireland Dublin35315210.0499
Ireland Dublin35315220.0499
Ireland Dublin35315230.0499
Ireland Dublin35315240.0499
Ireland Dublin35315250.0499
Ireland Dublin35315260.0499
Ireland Dublin35315270.0499
Ireland Dublin35315280.0499
Ireland Dublin35315290.0499
Ireland Dublin35315310.0499
Ireland Dublin35315320.0499
Ireland Dublin35315330.0499
Ireland Dublin35315340.0499
Ireland Dublin35315350.0499
Ireland Dublin35315360.0499
Ireland Dublin35315370.0499
Ireland Dublin35315380.0499
Ireland Dublin35315390.0499
Ireland Dublin35315410.0499
Ireland Dublin35315420.0499
Ireland Dublin35315430.0499
Ireland Dublin35315440.0499
Ireland Dublin35315450.0499
Ireland Dublin35315460.0499
Ireland Dublin35315470.0499
Ireland Dublin35315480.0499
Ireland Dublin35315490.0499
Ireland Dublin35315510.0499
Ireland Dublin35315520.0499
Ireland Dublin35315530.0499
Ireland Dublin35315540.0499
Ireland Dublin35315550.0499
Ireland Dublin35315560.0499
Ireland Dublin35315570.0499
Ireland Dublin35315580.0499
Ireland Dublin35315610.0499
Ireland Dublin35315620.0499
Ireland Dublin35315630.0499
Ireland Dublin35315640.0499
Ireland Dublin35315650.0499
Ireland Dublin35315660.0499
Ireland Dublin35315670.0499
Ireland Dublin35315680.0499
Ireland Dublin35315690.0499
Ireland Dublin35315710.0499
Ireland Dublin35315720.0499
Ireland Dublin35315730.0499
Ireland Dublin35315740.0499
Ireland Dublin35315750.0499
Ireland Dublin35315760.0499
Ireland Dublin35315770.0499
Ireland Dublin35315780.0499
Ireland Dublin35315790.0499
Ireland Dublin35315810.0499
Ireland Dublin35315820.0499
Ireland Dublin35315830.0499
Ireland Dublin35315840.0499
Ireland Dublin35315850.0499
Ireland Dublin35315860.0499
Ireland Dublin35315870.0499
Ireland Dublin35315880.0499
Ireland Dublin35315890.0499
Ireland Dublin3531590.0499
Ireland Dublin353160.0499
Ireland Dublin3531700.0499
Ireland Dublin3531750.0499
Ireland Dublin3531760.0499
Ireland Dublin3531770.0499
Ireland Dublin3531780.0499
Ireland Dublin3531790.0499
Ireland Dublin3531810.0499
Ireland Dublin3531820.0499
Ireland Dublin3531830.0499
Ireland Dublin3531840.0499
Ireland Dublin35318510.0499
Ireland Dublin35318520.0499
Ireland Dublin35318530.0499
Ireland Dublin35318540.0499
Ireland Dublin35318550.0499
Ireland Dublin35318560.0499
Ireland Dublin35318570.0499
Ireland Dublin35318580.0499
Ireland Dublin35318590.0499
Ireland Dublin3531860.0499
Ireland Dublin3531870.0499
Ireland Dublin35318800.0499
Ireland Dublin35318810.0499
Ireland Dublin35318820.0499
Ireland Dublin35318830.0499
Ireland Dublin35318840.0499
Ireland Dublin35318850.0499
Ireland Dublin35318860.0499
Ireland Dublin35318870.0499
Ireland Dublin35318880.0499
Ireland Dublin35318890.0499
Ireland Dublin35318910.0499
Ireland Dublin35318920.0499
Ireland Dublin35318930.0499
Ireland Dublin35318940.0499
Ireland Dublin35318950.0499
Ireland Dublin35318960.0499
Ireland Dublin35318970.0499
Ireland Dublin35318980.0499
Ireland Dublin35318990.0499
Ireland Dublin353190.0499
Ireland Mobile - O2353860.2374
Ireland Mobile - Other Carrie353830.2374
Ireland Mobile - Other Carrie353840.2374
Ireland Mobile - Other Carrie353850.2374
Ireland Mobile - Vodafone353870.2374
Ireland Mobile - Vodafone353880.2374
Ireland Shannon353610.0499
Iridium Satellite88166.275
Israel Jerusalem97220.22
Israel Mobile - Cellcom972520.12
Israel Mobile - Cellcom972530.12
Israel Mobile - Cellcom972580.22
Israel Mobile - Cellcom972640.12
Israel Mobile - Cellcom972650.12
Israel Mobile - Jawwal972590.22
Israel Mobile - Mirs972570.22
Israel Mobile - Partner972540.22
Israel Mobile - Partner972550.22
Israel Mobile - Partner972660.12
Israel Mobile - Partner972670.12
Israel Mobile - Pelephone972500.12
Israel Mobile - Pelephone972510.12
Israel Mobile - Pelephone972560.22
Israel Mobile - Pelephone972680.12
Israel Proper9720.039
Italy Milan39020.0461
Italy Mobile - Blu39380000.2749
Italy Mobile - Blu39380010.2749
Italy Mobile - Blu39380030.2749
Italy Mobile - Blu39380040.2749
Italy Mobile - Blu39380050.2749
Italy Mobile - Blu39380060.2749
Italy Mobile - Blu39380070.2749
Italy Mobile - Blu39380080.2749
Italy Mobile - Blu39380090.2749
Italy Mobile - Blu3938010.2749
Italy Mobile - Blu3938020.2749
Italy Mobile - Blu3938030.2749
Italy Mobile - Blu3938040.2749
Italy Mobile - Blu3938050.2749
Italy Mobile - Blu3938060.2749
Italy Mobile - Blu3938070.2749
Italy Mobile - Blu3938080.2749
Italy Mobile - Blu3938090.2749
Italy Mobile - Blu393830.2749
Italy Mobile - Blu393870.2749
Italy Mobile - Blu393880.2749
Italy Mobile - Blu393890.2749
Italy Mobile - Elsacom393100.2749
Italy Mobile - H3G393900.2749
Italy Mobile - H3G39391090.2749
Italy Mobile - H3G3939110.2749
Italy Mobile - H3G3939120.2749
Italy Mobile - H3G3939130.2749
Italy Mobile - H3G3939140.2749
Italy Mobile - H3G3939150.2749
Italy Mobile - H3G3939160.2749
Italy Mobile - H3G3939170.2749
Italy Mobile - H3G3939180.2749
Italy Mobile - H3G3939190.2749
Italy Mobile - H3G393920.2749
Italy Mobile - H3G393930.2749
Italy Mobile - H3G393970.2749
Italy Mobile - IPSE 20003937000.2749
Italy Mobile - IPSE 20003937010.2749
Italy Mobile - IPSE 20003937020.2749
Italy Mobile - IPSE 20003937030.2749
Italy Mobile - IPSE 20003937040.2749
Italy Mobile - IPSE 20003937050.2749
Italy Mobile - IPSE 20003937060.2749
Italy Mobile - IPSE 20003937070.2749
Italy Mobile - IPSE 20003937080.2749
Italy Mobile - IPSE 200039370900.2749
Italy Mobile - IPSE 200039370910.2749
Italy Mobile - IPSE 200039370920.2749
Italy Mobile - IPSE 200039370930.2749
Italy Mobile - IPSE 200039370940.2749
Italy Mobile - IPSE 200039370950.2749
Italy Mobile - IPSE 200039370960.2749
Italy Mobile - IPSE 200039370970.2749
Italy Mobile - IPSE 200039370980.2749
Italy Mobile - IPSE 2000393709900.2749
Italy Mobile - IPSE 2000393709910.2749
Italy Mobile - IPSE 2000393709920.2749
Italy Mobile - IPSE 2000393709930.2749
Italy Mobile - IPSE 2000393709940.2749
Italy Mobile - IPSE 2000393709950.2749
Italy Mobile - IPSE 2000393709960.2749
Italy Mobile - IPSE 2000393709970.2749
Italy Mobile - IPSE 2000393709990.2749
Italy Mobile - IPSE 2000393770.2749
Italy Mobile - Omnitel393400.2749
Italy Mobile - Omnitel393410.2749
Italy Mobile - Omnitel393430.2749
Italy Mobile - Omnitel393460.2749
Italy Mobile - Omnitel393470.2749
Italy Mobile - Omnitel3934800.2749
Italy Mobile - Omnitel3934810.2749
Italy Mobile - Omnitel3934820.2749
Italy Mobile - Omnitel3934830.2749
Italy Mobile - Omnitel3934840.2749
Italy Mobile - Omnitel3934850.2749
Italy Mobile - Omnitel3934860.2749
Italy Mobile - Omnitel3934870.2749
Italy Mobile - Omnitel3934880.2749
Italy Mobile - Omnitel3934890.2749
Italy Mobile - Omnitel39349000.2749
Italy Mobile - Omnitel39349050.2749
Italy Mobile - Omnitel39349060.2749
Italy Mobile - Omnitel39349070.2749
Italy Mobile - Omnitel39349080.2749
Italy Mobile - Omnitel39349090.2749
Italy Mobile - Omnitel3934910.2749
Italy Mobile - Omnitel3934920.2749
Italy Mobile - Omnitel3934930.2749
Italy Mobile - Omnitel3934940.2749
Italy Mobile - Omnitel3934950.2749
Italy Mobile - Omnitel3934960.2749
Italy Mobile - Omnitel3934970.2749
Italy Mobile - Omnitel3934980.2749
Italy Mobile - Omnitel3934990.2749
Italy Mobile - TIM393300.2749
Italy Mobile - TIM393310.2749
Italy Mobile - TIM393330.2749
Italy Mobile - TIM393340.2749
Italy Mobile - TIM393350.2749
Italy Mobile - TIM393360.2749
Italy Mobile - TIM393370.2749
Italy Mobile - TIM393380.2749
Italy Mobile - TIM393390.2749
Italy Mobile - TIM393600.2749
Italy Mobile - TIM393610.2749
Italy Mobile - TIM393620.2749
Italy Mobile - TIM393630.2749
Italy Mobile - TIM393660.2749
Italy Mobile - TIM393680.2749
Italy Mobile - Wind Radio393200.2749
Italy Mobile - Wind Radio393220.2749
Italy Mobile - Wind Radio393230.2749
Italy Mobile - Wind Radio393270.2749
Italy Mobile - Wind Radio393280.2749
Italy Mobile - Wind Radio393290.2749
Italy Proper390.0461
Italy Rome39060.0461
Jamaica Mobile - Centennial 18763010.2375
Jamaica Mobile - Centennial18763020.2375
Jamaica Mobile - Centennial18763030.2375
Jamaica Mobile - Centennial18763040.2375
Jamaica Mobile - Centennial18763050.2375
Jamaica Mobile - Centennial18763060.2375
Jamaica Mobile - Centennial18763070.2375
Jamaica Mobile - Centennial18763080.2375
Jamaica Mobile - Centennial18763090.2375
Jamaica Mobile - Centennial18764900.2375
Jamaica Mobile - Centennial18764910.2375
Jamaica Mobile - Centennial18764920.2375
Jamaica Mobile - Centennial18764930.2375
Jamaica Mobile - Centennial18764940.2375
Jamaica Mobile - CWJ18763100.2375
Jamaica Mobile - CWJ18763120.2375
Jamaica Mobile - CWJ18763130.2375
Jamaica Mobile - CWJ18763140.2375
Jamaica Mobile - CWJ18763150.2375
Jamaica Mobile - CWJ18763160.2375
Jamaica Mobile - CWJ18763170.2375
Jamaica Mobile - CWJ18763180.2375
Jamaica Mobile - CWJ18763190.2375
Jamaica Mobile - CWJ1876320.2375
Jamaica Mobile - CWJ1876330.2375
Jamaica Mobile - CWJ18763400.2375
Jamaica Mobile - CWJ18763410.2375
Jamaica Mobile - CWJ18763420.2375
Jamaica Mobile - CWJ18763430.2375
Jamaica Mobile - CWJ18763440.2375
Jamaica Mobile - CWJ18763450.2375
Jamaica Mobile - CWJ18763460.2375
Jamaica Mobile - CWJ18763470.2375
Jamaica Mobile - CWJ18763480.2375
Jamaica Mobile - CWJ18763490.2375
Jamaica Mobile - CWJ18767000.2375
Jamaica Mobile - CWJ18767070.2375
Jamaica Mobile - CWJ1876770.2375
Jamaica Mobile - CWJ18767810.2375
Jamaica Mobile - CWJ18767820.2375
Jamaica Mobile - CWJ18767830.2375
Jamaica Mobile - CWJ18767840.2375
Jamaica Mobile - CWJ18767870.2375
Jamaica Mobile - CWJ18767880.2375
Jamaica Mobile - CWJ18767890.2375
Jamaica Mobile - CWJ18767900.2375
Jamaica Mobile - CWJ18767910.2375
Jamaica Mobile - CWJ18767920.2375
Jamaica Mobile - CWJ18767930.2375
Jamaica Mobile - CWJ18767960.2375
Jamaica Mobile - CWJ18767970.2375
Jamaica Mobile - CWJ18767980.2375
Jamaica Mobile - CWJ18767990.2375
Jamaica Mobile - CWJ18768010.2375
Jamaica Mobile - CWJ18768020.2375
Jamaica Mobile - CWJ18768030.2375
Jamaica Mobile - CWJ18768040.2375
Jamaica Mobile - CWJ18768050.2375
Jamaica Mobile - CWJ18768060.2375
Jamaica Mobile - CWJ18768070.2375
Jamaica Mobile - CWJ18768080.2375
Jamaica Mobile - CWJ18768090.2375
Jamaica Mobile - CWJ18768120.2375
Jamaica Mobile - CWJ18768130.2375
Jamaica Mobile - CWJ18768140.2375
Jamaica Mobile - CWJ18768150.2375
Jamaica Mobile - CWJ18768160.2375
Jamaica Mobile - CWJ18768170.2375
Jamaica Mobile - CWJ18768180.2375
Jamaica Mobile - CWJ18768190.2375
Jamaica Mobile - CWJ1876820.2375
Jamaica Mobile - CWJ18768300.2375
Jamaica Mobile - CWJ18768310.2375
Jamaica Mobile - CWJ18768320.2375
Jamaica Mobile - CWJ18768330.2375
Jamaica Mobile - CWJ18768340.2375
Jamaica Mobile - CWJ18768350.2375
Jamaica Mobile - CWJ18768360.2375
Jamaica Mobile - CWJ18768370.2375
Jamaica Mobile - CWJ18768380.2375
Jamaica Mobile - CWJ18768390.2375
Jamaica Mobile - CWJ18769090.2375
Jamaica Mobile - CWJ18769190.2375
Jamaica Mobile - CWJ18769900.2375
Jamaica Mobile - CWJ18769950.2375
Jamaica Mobile - CWJ18769970.2375
Jamaica Mobile - CWJ18769990.2375
Jamaica Mobile - Digicell1876350.2375
Jamaica Mobile - Digicell1876360.2375
Jamaica Mobile - Digicell1876370.2375
Jamaica Mobile - Digicell1876380.2375
Jamaica Mobile - Digicell1876390.2375
Jamaica Mobile - Digicell18764010.2375
Jamaica Mobile - Digicell18764020.2375
Jamaica Mobile - Digicell18764030.2375
Jamaica Mobile - Digicell18764040.2375
Jamaica Mobile - Digicell18764050.2375
Jamaica Mobile - Digicell18764060.2375
Jamaica Mobile - Digicell18764070.2375
Jamaica Mobile - Digicell18764080.2375
Jamaica Mobile - Digicell18764090.2375
Jamaica Mobile - Digicell18764100.2375
Jamaica Mobile - Digicell18764120.2375
Jamaica Mobile - Digicell18764130.2375
Jamaica Mobile - Digicell18764140.2375
Jamaica Mobile - Digicell18764150.2375
Jamaica Mobile - Digicell18764160.2375
Jamaica Mobile - Digicell18764170.2375
Jamaica Mobile - Digicell18764180.2375
Jamaica Mobile - Digicell18764190.2375
Jamaica Mobile - Digicell1876420.2375
Jamaica Mobile - Digicell1876430.2375
Jamaica Mobile - Digicell18764400.2375
Jamaica Mobile - Digicell18764410.2375
Jamaica Mobile - Digicell18764420.2375
Jamaica Mobile - Digicell18764430.2375
Jamaica Mobile - Digicell18764450.2375
Jamaica Mobile - Digicell18764460.2375
Jamaica Mobile - Digicell18764470.2375
Jamaica Mobile - Digicell18764480.2375
Jamaica Mobile - Digicell18764490.2375
Jamaica Mobile - Digicell1876450.2375
Jamaica Mobile - Digicell18764600.2375
Jamaica Mobile - Digicell18764610.2375
Jamaica Mobile - Digicell18764620.2375
Jamaica Mobile - Digicell18764630.2375
Jamaica Mobile - Digicell18764640.2375
Jamaica Mobile - Digicell1876840.2375
Jamaica Mobile - Digicell1876850.2375
Jamaica Mobile - Digicell1876860.2375
Jamaica Mobile - Digicell18768700.2375
Jamaica Mobile - Digicell18768710.2375
Jamaica Mobile - Digicell18768720.2375
Jamaica Mobile - Digicell18768730.2375
Jamaica Mobile - Digicell18768740.2375
Jamaica Mobile - Digicell18768750.2375
Jamaica Mobile - Digicell18768770.2375
Jamaica Mobile - Digicell18768780.2375
Jamaica Mobile - Digicell18768790.2375
Jamaica Mobile - Digicell18768800.2375
Jamaica Mobile - Digicell18768810.2375
Jamaica Mobile - Digicell18768820.2375
Jamaica Mobile - Digicell18768830.2375
Jamaica Mobile - Digicell18768840.2375
Jamaica Mobile - Digicell18768850.2375
Jamaica Mobile - Digicell18768860.2375
Jamaica Mobile - Digicell18768870.2375
Jamaica Mobile - Digicell18768890.2375
Jamaica Mobile - Digicell1876890.2375
Jamaica Premium18769800.2375
Jamaica Proper18760.135
Japan Mobile81700.1946
Japan Mobile81800.1946
Japan Mobile81900.1946
Japan Osaka Military816110.0624
Japan Premium8131600.2112
Japan Premium8161600.2112
Japan Proper810.0624
Japan Tokyo81300.0561
Japan Tokyo81320.0561
Japan Tokyo81330.0561
Japan Tokyo81340.0561
Japan Tokyo81350.0561
Japan Tokyo81360.0561
Japan Tokyo81370.0561
Japan Tokyo81380.0561
Japan Tokyo81390.0561
Japan Tokyo Military813110.0612
Jordan Amman96260.056
Jordan Mobile - Fastlink962790.15
Jordan Mobile - Mobilcom962770.15
Jordan Proper9620.056
Kazakhstan Almaty 7327200.1187
Kazakhstan Almaty7327210.1187
Kazakhstan Almaty7327220.1187
Kazakhstan Almaty7327230.1187
Kazakhstan Almaty7327240.1187
Kazakhstan Almaty7327250.1187
Kazakhstan Almaty7327260.1187
Kazakhstan Almaty7327270.1187
Kazakhstan Almaty7327280.1187
Kazakhstan Almaty73272900.1187
Kazakhstan Almaty73272910.1187
Kazakhstan Almaty73272920.1187
Kazakhstan Almaty73272930.1187
Kazakhstan Almaty73272940.1187
Kazakhstan Almaty73272950.1187
Kazakhstan Almaty73272960.1187
Kazakhstan Almaty73272970.1187
Kazakhstan Almaty732729810.1187
Kazakhstan Almaty732729820.1187
Kazakhstan Almaty732729830.1187
Kazakhstan Almaty732729840.1187
Kazakhstan Almaty732729850.1187
Kazakhstan Almaty732729860.1187
Kazakhstan Almaty732729870.1187
Kazakhstan Almaty732729880.1187
Kazakhstan Almaty732729890.1187
Kazakhstan Almaty73272990.1187
Kazakhstan Karaganda732120.2112
Kazakhstan Mobile73000.2144
Kazakhstan Mobile7312900.2144
Kazakhstan Mobile7313900.2144
Kazakhstan Mobile7314900.2144
Kazakhstan Mobile7315900.2144
Kazakhstan Mobile7317900.2144
Kazakhstan Mobile7318900.2144
Kazakhstan Mobile7321900.2144
Kazakhstan Mobile7323900.2144
Kazakhstan Mobile7324900.2144
Kazakhstan Mobile7325900.2144
Kazakhstan Mobile7326900.2144
Kazakhstan Mobile7327900.2144
Kazakhstan Mobile73330.2144
Kazakhstan Mobile77000.2144
Kazakhstan Proper7320.2059
Kenya Mobile25470.3917
Kenya Mombassa254110.254
Kenya Mombassa254410.254
Kenya Nairobi254200.1874
Kenya Proper2540.2749
Kiribati Mobile686300.8025
Kiribati Mobile68690.8025
Kiribati Proper6860.8025
Kuwait Mobile96560.1325
Kuwait Mobile9657010.1325
Kuwait Mobile9657020.1325
Kuwait Mobile965750.1325
Kuwait Mobile965760.1325
Kuwait Mobile965780.1325
Kuwait Mobile965790.1325
Kuwait Mobile96590.1325
Kuwait Proper9650.1341
Kyrgyzstan Mobile996500.163
Kyrgyzstan Mobile996510.163
Kyrgyzstan Proper9960.136
Laos Mobile 856200.1465
Laos Proper8560.1374
Latvia Mobile371590.2576
Latvia Mobile371600.2576
Latvia Mobile371610.2576
Latvia Mobile371620.2576
Latvia Mobile371630.2576
Latvia Mobile371640.2576
Latvia Mobile371650.2576
Latvia Mobile371660.2576
Latvia Mobile371670.2576
Latvia Mobile371680.2576
Latvia Mobile371690.2576
Latvia Mobile371910.2576
Latvia Mobile371920.2576
Latvia Mobile371930.2576
Latvia Mobile371940.2576
Latvia Mobile371950.2576
Latvia Mobile371960.2576
Latvia Mobile371970.2576
Latvia Mobile371980.2576
Latvia Mobile371990.2576
Latvia Proper3710.1609
Lebanon Mobile96130.2624
Lebanon Mobile961700.2624
Lebanon Mobile961710.2624
Lebanon Proper9610.1499
Lesotho Mobile2665880.1663
Lesotho Mobile26660.1663
Lesotho Proper2660.1663
Liberia Mobile231280.2863
Liberia Mobile231330.2863
Liberia Mobile231380.2863
Liberia Mobile231390.2863
Liberia Mobile231400.2863
Liberia Mobile231410.2863
Liberia Mobile231460.2863
Liberia Mobile231470.2863
Liberia Mobile231500.2863
Liberia Mobile231510.2863
Liberia Mobile231550.2863
Liberia Mobile231640.2863
Liberia Mobile231650.2863
Liberia Proper2310.2863
Libya Mobile218910.33
Libya Proper2180.33
Liechtenstein Mobile42350.11
Liechtenstein Mobile42360.11
Liechtenstein Mobile423710.11
Liechtenstein Mobile423720.11
Liechtenstein Mobile423740.11
Liechtenstein Mobile423750.11
Liechtenstein Mobile423760.11
Liechtenstein Mobile423770.11
Liechtenstein Mobile423780.11
Liechtenstein Mobile423790.11
Liechtenstein Proper4230.11
Lithuania Freephone37080.23
Lithuania Mobile370600.2249
Lithuania Mobile370610.2249
Lithuania Mobile370620.2249
Lithuania Mobile370630.2249
Lithuania Mobile370640.2249
Lithuania Mobile370650.2249
Lithuania Mobile370660.2249
Lithuania Mobile370670.2249
Lithuania Mobile370690.2249
Lithuania Proper3700.1525
Luxembourg Mobile3520210.2575
Luxembourg Mobile3520280.2575
Luxembourg Mobile35202910.2575
Luxembourg Mobile3520910.2575
Luxembourg Mobile3520980.2575
Luxembourg Mobile352210.2575
Luxembourg Mobile352280.2575
Luxembourg Mobile3522910.2575
Luxembourg Mobile352680.2575
Luxembourg Mobile352910.2575
Luxembourg Mobile352980.2575
Luxembourg Proper3520.0516
Macau Mobile 853660.0887
Macau Mobile853680.0887
Macau Proper8530.084
Macedonia Mobile389700.3593
Macedonia Mobile389750.3593
Macedonia Proper3890.2082
Madagascar Mobile261300.3075
Madagascar Mobile261310.3075
Madagascar Mobile261320.3075
Madagascar Mobile261330.3075
Madagascar Proper2610.3075
Malawi Mobile265880.1031
Malawi Mobile265990.1031
Malawi Proper2650.1013
Malaysia Johor Baharu6070.055
Malaysia Kuala Lumpur6030.0499
Malaysia Malacca6060.0499
Malaysia Mobile - Cellcom60100.0749
Malaysia Mobile - Cellcom60130.0749
Malaysia Mobile - Cellcom60190.0749
Malaysia Penang6040.0499
Malaysia Proper600.0499
Maldives Mobile960770.3713
Maldives Proper9600.2749
Mali Bamako223220.2124
Mali Mobile22360.3481
Mali Proper2230.2722
Malta Mobile356790.2776
Malta Mobile356990.2776
Malta Proper3560.2184
Mariana Islands Mobile16702870.1525
Mariana Islands Proper16700.1124
Marshall Islands Mobile69223500.59
Marshall Islands Mobile69223510.59
Marshall Islands Mobile69223520.59
Marshall Islands Mobile69223530.59
Marshall Islands Mobile69223540.59
Marshall Islands Mobile6924550.59
Marshall Islands Mobile69262500.59
Marshall Islands Mobile69262510.59
Marshall Islands Proper6920.59
Martinique Mobile59669620.2375
Martinique Mobile59669630.2375
Martinique Mobile59669640.2375
Martinique Mobile596696700.2375
Martinique Mobile596696710.2375
Martinique Mobile596696720.2375
Martinique Mobile596696730.2375
Martinique Mobile596696740.2375
Martinique Mobile596696800.2375
Martinique Mobile596696810.2375
Martinique Mobile596696820.2375
Martinique Mobile596696830.2375
Martinique Mobile596696840.2375
Martinique Mobile596696850.2375
Martinique Mobile596696860.2375
Martinique Mobile59669690.2375
Martinique Proper5960.2375
Mauritania Mobile222630.3565
Mauritania Mobile222640.3565
Mauritania Proper2220.3453
Mauritius Mobile230250.2749
Mauritius Mobile2304210.2749
Mauritius Mobile2304220.2749
Mauritius Mobile2304230.2749
Mauritius Mobile2304910.2749
Mauritius Mobile2304920.2749
Mauritius Mobile2304930.2749
Mauritius Mobile2304940.2749
Mauritius Mobile2304950.2749
Mauritius Mobile2304970.2749
Mauritius Mobile2304980.2749
Mauritius Mobile2304990.2749
Mauritius Mobile2307200.2749
Mauritius Mobile2307210.2749
Mauritius Mobile2307290.2749
Mauritius Mobile230730.2749
Mauritius Mobile230750.2749
Mauritius Mobile230760.2749
Mauritius Mobile230770.2749
Mauritius Proper2300.2499
Mayotte Island Mobile269200.2863
Mayotte Island Mobile269210.2863
Mayotte Island Mobile269650.2863
Mayotte Island Mobile269660.2863
Mayotte Island Mobile269670.2863
Mayotte Island Mobile269680.2863
Mayotte Island Mobile269690.2863
Mayotte Island Proper26920.2737
Mexico Acapulco527440.125
Mexico Aguacalientes524490.125
Mexico Celaya524610.125
Mexico Chihuahua526140.125
Mexico Ciudad Juarez526560.125
Mexico Cuernavaca527770.125
Mexico Durango526180.125
Mexico Irapuato524620.125
Mexico Leon524770.125
Mexico Mazatlan526690.125
Mexico Mexico City (mobile In52550.0494
Mexico Monterrey (mobile Incl52810.0503
Mexico Morelia524430.125
Mexico Nuevo Laredo528670.125
Mexico Proper520.125
Mexico Puebla522220.125
Mexico Queretaro524420.125
Mexico Reynosa528990.125
Mexico Ring 1522280.0851
Mexico Ring 1522290.0851
Mexico Ring 1522380.0851
Mexico Ring 1522410.0851
Mexico Ring 1522430.0851
Mexico Ring 1522440.0851
Mexico Ring 1522460.0851
Mexico Ring 1522710.0851
Mexico Ring 1522720.0851
Mexico Ring 1523120.0851
Mexico Ring 1523220.0851
Mexico Ring 1523510.0851
Mexico Ring 1523520.0851
Mexico Ring 1523920.0851
Mexico Ring 1524520.0851
Mexico Ring 1524640.0851
Mexico Ring 1524720.0851
Mexico Ring 1524730.0851
Mexico Ring 1524810.0851
Mexico Ring 1524930.0851
Mexico Ring 1525970.0851
Mexico Ring 1526220.0851
Mexico Ring 1526620.0851
Mexico Ring 1526670.0851
Mexico Ring 1526680.0851
Mexico Ring 1526860.0851
Mexico Ring 1527350.0851
Mexico Ring 1527470.0851
Mexico Ring 1527710.0851
Mexico Ring 1527820.0851
Mexico Ring 1528340.0851
Mexico Ring 1528680.0851
Mexico Ring 1529210.0851
Mexico Ring 1529510.0851
Mexico Ring 1529610.0851
Mexico Ring 1529930.0851
Mexico Ring 2522310.0856
Mexico Ring 2522320.0856
Mexico Ring 2522840.0856
Mexico Ring 2522870.0856
Mexico Ring 2522880.0856
Mexico Ring 2522940.0856
Mexico Ring 2523130.0856
Mexico Ring 2523140.0856
Mexico Ring 2523170.0856
Mexico Ring 2523230.0856
Mexico Ring 2523240.0856
Mexico Ring 2523250.0856
Mexico Ring 2523410.0856
Mexico Ring 2523530.0856
Mexico Ring 2523540.0856
Mexico Ring 2523560.0856
Mexico Ring 2523740.0856
Mexico Ring 2523780.0856
Mexico Ring 2523810.0856
Mexico Ring 2523840.0856
Mexico Ring 2523890.0856
Mexico Ring 2523930.0856
Mexico Ring 2524150.0856
Mexico Ring 2524270.0856
Mexico Ring 2524340.0856
Mexico Ring 2524350.0856
Mexico Ring 2524360.0856
Mexico Ring 2524380.0856
Mexico Ring 2524450.0856
Mexico Ring 2524510.0856
Mexico Ring 2524530.0856
Mexico Ring 2524630.0856
Mexico Ring 2524660.0856
Mexico Ring 2524680.0856
Mexico Ring 2524690.0856
Mexico Ring 2524740.0856
Mexico Ring 2524750.0856
Mexico Ring 2524870.0856
Mexico Ring 2524880.0856
Mexico Ring 2524940.0856
Mexico Ring 2524980.0856
Mexico Ring 2525910.0856
Mexico Ring 2525950.0856
Mexico Ring 2526120.0856
Mexico Ring 2526130.0856
Mexico Ring 2526240.0856
Mexico Ring 2526250.0856
Mexico Ring 2526260.0856
Mexico Ring 2526270.0856
Mexico Ring 2526310.0856
Mexico Ring 2526340.0856
Mexico Ring 2526360.0856
Mexico Ring 2526370.0856
Mexico Ring 2526380.0856
Mexico Ring 2526390.0856
Mexico Ring 2526410.0856
Mexico Ring 2526420.0856
Mexico Ring 2526440.0856
Mexico Ring 2526450.0856
Mexico Ring 2526460.0856
Mexico Ring 2526470.0856
Mexico Ring 2526530.0856
Mexico Ring 2526610.0856
Mexico Ring 2526650.0856
Mexico Ring 2526730.0856
Mexico Ring 2526740.0856
Mexico Ring 2526760.0856
Mexico Ring 2526870.0856
Mexico Ring 2527120.0856
Mexico Ring 2527130.0856
Mexico Ring 2527140.0856
Mexico Ring 2527150.0856
Mexico Ring 2527210.0856
Mexico Ring 2527260.0856
Mexico Ring 2527270.0856
Mexico Ring 2527280.0856
Mexico Ring 2527320.0856
Mexico Ring 2527330.0856
Mexico Ring 2527340.0856
Mexico Ring 2527360.0856
Mexico Ring 2527410.0856
Mexico Ring 2527420.0856
Mexico Ring 2527540.0856
Mexico Ring 2527550.0856
Mexico Ring 2527560.0856
Mexico Ring 2527570.0856
Mexico Ring 2527580.0856
Mexico Ring 2527620.0856
Mexico Ring 2527670.0856
Mexico Ring 2527720.0856
Mexico Ring 2527730.0856
Mexico Ring 2527790.0856
Mexico Ring 2527830.0856
Mexico Ring 2527860.0856
Mexico Ring 2527910.0856
Mexico Ring 2528210.0856
Mexico Ring 2528260.0856
Mexico Ring 2528280.0856
Mexico Ring 2528310.0856
Mexico Ring 2528360.0856
Mexico Ring 2528410.0856
Mexico Ring 2528610.0856
Mexico Ring 2528660.0856
Mexico Ring 2528770.0856
Mexico Ring 2528780.0856
Mexico Ring 2529220.0856
Mexico Ring 2529380.0856
Mexico Ring 2529580.0856
Mexico Ring 2529620.0856
Mexico Ring 2529710.0856
Mexico Ring 2529810.0856
Mexico Ring 2529830.0856
Mexico Ring 2529970.0856
Mexico Ring 2529980.0856
Mexico Ring 2529990.0856
Mexico Saltillo528440.125
Mexico San Luis Potosi524440.125
Mexico Tampico528330.125
Mexico Tepic523110.125
Mexico Tijuana526640.0835
Mexico Toluca527220.125
Mexico Torreon528710.125
Mexico Tulacingo527750.125
Mexico Zacatecas524920.125
Micronesia Mobile69197010.59
Micronesia Mobile69197020.59
Micronesia Mobile69197030.59
Micronesia Mobile69197040.59
Micronesia Mobile69197050.59
Micronesia Mobile69197060.59
Micronesia Mobile69197070.59
Micronesia Mobile69197080.59
Micronesia Mobile69197090.59
Micronesia Mobile6919710.59
Micronesia Mobile6919720.59
Micronesia Mobile6919730.59
Micronesia Mobile6919740.59
Micronesia Mobile6919750.59
Micronesia Mobile6919760.59
Micronesia Mobile6919770.59
Micronesia Mobile6919780.59
Micronesia Mobile6919790.59
Micronesia Proper6910.59
Moldova Chisinau373220.1776
Moldova Mobile373630.2809
Moldova Mobile373690.2809
Moldova Mobile373790.2809
Moldova Proper3730.1568
Moldova Transnistria (premium37350.1588
Monaco KFOR Mobile377440.2275
Monaco KFOR Mobile377470.2275
Monaco Mobile377400.2013
Monaco Mobile377410.2013
Monaco Mobile377420.2013
Monaco Mobile377430.2013
Monaco Mobile377450.2013
Monaco Mobile377460.2013
Monaco Mobile377480.2013
Monaco Mobile377490.2013
Monaco Mobile37760.2013
Monaco Proper3770.0862
Mongolia Mobile976910.135
Mongolia Mobile976960.135
Mongolia Mobile976990.135
Mongolia Proper9760.135
Mongolia Ulaanbaatar976110.135
Montenegro Mobile381670.3113
Montenegro Mobile381690.3113
Montenegro Proper381680.2238
Montserrat Mobile16644920.2787
Montserrat Premium16644100.2787
Montserrat Premium16644110.2787
Montserrat Premium16644120.2787
Montserrat Premium16644130.2787
Montserrat Premium16646640.2787
Montserrat Proper1660.2787
Morocco Casablanca2122220.2505
Morocco Casablanca2122230.2505
Morocco Casablanca2122240.2505
Morocco Casablanca2122250.2505
Morocco Casablanca2122260.2505
Morocco Casablanca2122270.2505
Morocco Casablanca2122280.2505
Morocco Casablanca2122290.2505
Morocco Fes2125520.2537
Morocco Fes2125530.2537
Morocco Fes2125540.2537
Morocco Fes2125550.2537
Morocco Fes2125560.2537
Morocco Fes2125570.2537
Morocco Fes2125580.2537
Morocco Fes2125590.2537
Morocco Mobile - Meditel212600.3745
Morocco Mobile - Meditel212630.3745
Morocco Mobile - Meditel212640.3745
Morocco Mobile - Meditel212650.3745
Morocco Mobile - Meditel212690.3745
Morocco Mobile - Other Carrie212610.3744
Morocco Mobile - Other Carrie212620.3744
Morocco Mobile - Other Carrie212660.3744
Morocco Mobile - Other Carrie212670.3744
Morocco Mobile - Other Carrie212680.3744
Morocco Mobile - Other Carrie212700.3744
Morocco Mobile - Other Carrie212710.3744
Morocco Mobile - Other Carrie212720.3744
Morocco Mobile - Other Carrie212920.3744
Morocco Oujda2125620.2514
Morocco Oujda2125630.2514
Morocco Oujda2125640.2514
Morocco Oujda2125650.2514
Morocco Oujda2125660.2514
Morocco Oujda2125670.2514
Morocco Oujda2125680.2514
Morocco Proper2120.2527
Morocco Rabat2123720.2477
Morocco Rabat2123730.2477
Morocco Rabat2123740.2477
Morocco Rabat2123750.2477
Morocco Rabat2123760.2477
Morocco Rabat2123770.2477
Morocco Rabat2123780.2477
Morocco Rabat2123790.2477
Mozambique Mobile258820.1664
Mozambique Mobile258840.1664
Mozambique Proper2580.1875
Myanmar Mobile9590.4487
Myanmar Proper950.4075
Namibia Mobile 26481100.2162
Namibia Mobile26481110.2162
Namibia Mobile26481120.2162
Namibia Mobile2648120.2162
Namibia Mobile2648130.2162
Namibia Mobile26481500.2162
Namibia Proper2640.1235
Nauru Mobile6745551.0137
Nauru Mobile674801.0137
Nauru Mobile674811.0137
Nauru Mobile674821.0137
Nauru Mobile674831.0137
Nauru Mobile674841.0137
Nauru Mobile674851.0137
Nauru Mobile674861.0137
Nauru Mobile674871.0137
Nauru Mobile6748801.0137
Nauru Mobile6748811.0137
Nauru Mobile6748821.0137
Nauru Mobile6748831.0137
Nauru Mobile6748841.0137
Nauru Mobile6748851.0137
Nauru Mobile6748861.0137
Nauru Mobile6748871.0137
Nauru Mobile6748891.0137
Nauru Mobile674891.0137
Nauru Proper6741.0137
Nepal Kathmandu977140.1624
Nepal Kathmandu977150.1624
Nepal Kathmandu977160.1624
Nepal Mobile977980.3489
Nepal Proper9770.3586
Netherlands Amsterdam31200.0436
Netherlands Mobile - KPN316100.2749
Netherlands Mobile - KPN316120.2749
Netherlands Mobile - KPN316130.2749
Netherlands Mobile - KPN316200.2749
Netherlands Mobile - KPN316220.2749
Netherlands Mobile - KPN316230.2749
Netherlands Mobile - KPN316300.2749
Netherlands Mobile - KPN316510.2749
Netherlands Mobile - KPN316530.2749
Netherlands Mobile - Orange316180.2863
Netherlands Mobile - Orange316280.2863
Netherlands Mobile - Orange316380.2863
Netherlands Mobile - Orange316480.2863
Netherlands Mobile - Tele2316400.2863
Netherlands Mobile - Telfort316160.2863
Netherlands Mobile - Telfort316170.2863
Netherlands Mobile - Telfort316190.2863
Netherlands Mobile - Telfort316260.2863
Netherlands Mobile - Telfort316330.2863
Netherlands Mobile - Telfort316440.2863
Netherlands Mobile - Telfort316450.2863
Netherlands Mobile - Telfort316470.2863
Netherlands Mobile - Telfort316490.2863
Netherlands Mobile - Tmobile316140.2863
Netherlands Mobile - Tmobile316240.2863
Netherlands Mobile - Tmobile316410.2863
Netherlands Mobile - Tmobile316420.2863
Netherlands Mobile - Tmobile316430.2863
Netherlands Mobile - Vodafone316110.2863
Netherlands Mobile - Vodafone316150.2863
Netherlands Mobile - Vodafone316210.2863
Netherlands Mobile - Vodafone316250.2863
Netherlands Mobile - Vodafone316270.2863
Netherlands Mobile - Vodafone316290.2863
Netherlands Mobile - Vodafone316460.2863
Netherlands Mobile - Vodafone316500.2863
Netherlands Mobile - Vodafone316520.2863
Netherlands Mobile - Vodafone316540.2863
Netherlands Mobile - Vodafone316550.2863
Netherlands Proper310.0436
Netherlands Antilles Curacao599900.153
Netherlands Antilles Curacao599910.153
Netherlands Antilles Curacao599920.153
Netherlands Antilles Curacao599930.153
Netherlands Antilles Curacao599940.153
Netherlands Antilles Curacao599970.153
Netherlands Antilles Curacao599980.153
Netherlands Antilles Curacao599990.153
Netherlands Antilles Mobile59931810.2375
Netherlands Antilles Mobile59941610.2375
Netherlands Antilles Mobile59941650.2375
Netherlands Antilles Mobile5995200.2375
Netherlands Antilles Mobile5995210.2375
Netherlands Antilles Mobile5995220.2375
Netherlands Antilles Mobile5995500.2375
Netherlands Antilles Mobile5995510.2375
Netherlands Antilles Mobile5995520.2375
Netherlands Antilles Mobile5995530.2375
Netherlands Antilles Mobile5995540.2375
Netherlands Antilles Mobile5995550.2375
Netherlands Antilles Mobile5995560.2375
Netherlands Antilles Mobile5995570.2375
Netherlands Antilles Mobile5995590.2375
Netherlands Antilles Mobile599780.2375
Netherlands Antilles Mobile599790.2375
Netherlands Antilles Mobile5999510.2375
Netherlands Antilles Mobile5999520.2375
Netherlands Antilles Mobile5999540.2375
Netherlands Antilles Mobile5999560.2375
Netherlands Antilles Mobile599960.2375
Netherlands Antilles Proper5990.2162
New Caledonia Mobile687760.42
New Caledonia Mobile687770.42
New Caledonia Mobile687780.42
New Caledonia Mobile687790.42
New Caledonia Mobile687810.42
New Caledonia Mobile687820.42
New Caledonia Mobile687830.42
New Caledonia Mobile687840.42
New Caledonia Mobile687850.42
New Caledonia Mobile687860.42
New Caledonia Mobile687870.42
New Caledonia Mobile687910.42
New Caledonia Mobile687920.42
New Caledonia Mobile687930.42
New Caledonia Mobile687940.42
New Caledonia Mobile687950.42
New Caledonia Mobile687960.42
New Caledonia Mobile687970.42
New Caledonia Proper6870.4062
New Zealand Auckland6490.0508
New Zealand Mobile - Telecom64250.3422
New Zealand Mobile - Telecom64270.3422
New Zealand Mobile - TelstraC64290.3212
New Zealand Mobile - Vodafone64210.3767
New Zealand Proper640.0499
Nicaragua Mobile5055010.2238
Nicaragua Mobile5055020.2238
Nicaragua Mobile5055030.2238
Nicaragua Mobile5055040.2238
Nicaragua Mobile5055050.2238
Nicaragua Mobile5055060.2238
Nicaragua Mobile5055070.2238
Nicaragua Mobile5056000.2238
Nicaragua Mobile5056010.2238
Nicaragua Mobile5056020.2238
Nicaragua Mobile5056030.2238
Nicaragua Mobile5056040.2238
Nicaragua Mobile5056050.2238
Nicaragua Mobile5056060.2238
Nicaragua Mobile5056070.2238
Nicaragua Mobile5056080.2238
Nicaragua Mobile5057720.2238
Nicaragua Mobile5057760.2238
Nicaragua Mobile5057770.2238
Nicaragua Mobile5057780.2238
Nicaragua Mobile5057790.2238
Nicaragua Mobile5058340.2238
Nicaragua Mobile5058350.2238
Nicaragua Mobile5058360.2238
Nicaragua Mobile5058370.2238
Nicaragua Mobile5058380.2238
Nicaragua Mobile5058390.2238
Nicaragua Mobile505850.2238
Nicaragua Mobile505860.2238
Nicaragua Mobile5058700.2238
Nicaragua Mobile5058720.2238
Nicaragua Mobile5058730.2238
Nicaragua Mobile5058740.2238
Nicaragua Mobile505880.2238
Nicaragua Proper5050.2366
Niger Mobile227800.1965
Niger Mobile227810.1965
Niger Mobile227820.1965
Niger Mobile227870.1965
Niger Mobile227880.1965
Niger Mobile227890.1965
Niger Mobile22790.1965
Niger Proper2270.1973
Nigeria Lagos23410.077
Nigeria Mobile - Econet2348020.2645
Nigeria Mobile - Globacom2348050.2435
Nigeria Mobile - Mtn2348030.2691
Nigeria Mobile - Other Carrie2348040.281
Nigeria Mobile - Other Carrie234900.281
Nigeria Proper2340.1273
Niue Premium68321.7913
Niue Premium68351.7913
Niue Premium68361.7913
Niue Premium68371.7913
Niue Premium68381.7913
Niue Premium68391.7913
Niue Proper6831.7913
Norfolk Island Proper67230.6112
North Korea Proper8500.6488
North Yemen Proper9690.3987
Norway Mobile4740.2249
Norway Mobile478110.2249
Norway Mobile478120.2249
Norway Mobile478130.2249
Norway Mobile478140.2249
Norway Mobile478190.2249
Norway Mobile47900.2249
Norway Mobile47910.2249
Norway Mobile47920.2249
Norway Mobile47930.2249
Norway Mobile47940.2249
Norway Mobile47950.2249
Norway Mobile479600.2249
Norway Mobile479610.2249
Norway Mobile479620.2249
Norway Mobile479630.2249
Norway Mobile479640.2249
Norway Mobile4796930.2249
Norway Mobile4796940.2249
Norway Mobile4796950.2249
Norway Mobile4796960.2249
Norway Mobile4796970.2249
Norway Mobile4796980.2249
Norway Mobile4796990.2249
Norway Mobile47970.2249
Norway Mobile47980.2249
Norway Mobile47990.2249
Norway Oslo47210.0489
Norway Oslo47220.0489
Norway Oslo47230.0489
Norway Oslo47240.0489
Norway Proper470.0429
Oman Mobile 968900.1936
Oman Mobile968920.1936
Oman Mobile968930.1936
Oman Mobile968940.1936
Oman Mobile968950.1936
Oman Mobile968960.1936
Oman Mobile968970.1936
Oman Mobile968980.1936
Oman Proper9680.2249
Pakistan Islamabad925140.1
Pakistan Karachi92210.1
Pakistan Lahore92420.1
Pakistan Mobile - Istaphone923200.1
Pakistan Mobile - Mobilink923000.1
Pakistan Mobile - PakTel923030.1
Pakistan Mobile - Ufone923330.1
Pakistan Proper920.1
Palau Proper6800.42
Palestine Mobile970590.2244
Palestine Proper9700.22
Panama Mobile5072180.2162
Panama Mobile5072190.2162
Panama Mobile507500.2162
Panama Mobile507510.2162
Panama Mobile507580.2162
Panama Mobile507590.2162
Panama Mobile50760.2162
Panama Panama City5072000.0767
Panama Panama City5072010.0767
Panama Panama City5072020.0767
Panama Panama City5072030.0767
Panama Panama City5072040.0767
Panama Panama City5072050.0767
Panama Panama City5072060.0767
Panama Panama City5072070.0767
Panama Panama City5072100.0767
Panama Panama City5072110.0767
Panama Panama City5072120.0767
Panama Panama City5072130.0767
Panama Panama City5072140.0767
Panama Panama City5072150.0767
Panama Panama City5072160.0767
Panama Panama City5072170.0767
Panama Panama City507220.0767
Panama Panama City507230.0767
Panama Panama City507260.0767
Panama Panama City507270.0767
Panama Panama City507280.0767
Panama Panama City507290.0767
Panama Proper5070.1875
Papua New Guinea Mobile6751150.3925
Papua New Guinea Mobile675680.3925
Papua New Guinea Mobile675690.3925
Papua New Guinea Proper6750.3925
Paraguay Asuncion595210.1316
Paraguay Mobile59590.255
Paraguay Proper5950.18
Peru Lima51110.0556
Peru Lima51120.0556
Peru Lima51130.0556
Peru Lima51140.0556
Peru Lima51150.0556
Peru Lima511600.0556
Peru Lima511610.0556
Peru Lima511620.0556
Peru Lima511650.0556
Peru Lima511660.0556
Peru Lima511670.0556
Peru Lima511680.0556
Peru Lima511690.0556
Peru Lima511760.0556
Peru Lima511770.0556
Peru Lima511780.0556
Peru Lima Mobile51190.3041
Peru Other Cities Mobile51419700.2945
Peru Other Cities Mobile51419980.2945
Peru Other Cities Mobile51419990.2945
Peru Other Cities Mobile51429620.2945
Peru Other Cities Mobile51429680.2945
Peru Other Cities Mobile51429690.2945
Peru Other Cities Mobile51429780.2945
Peru Other Cities Mobile51429980.2945
Peru Other Cities Mobile51439300.2945
Peru Other Cities Mobile51439480.2945
Peru Other Cities Mobile51439530.2945
Peru Other Cities Mobile51439540.2945
Peru Other Cities Mobile51439550.2945
Peru Other Cities Mobile51439600.2945
Peru Other Cities Mobile51439610.2945
Peru Other Cities Mobile51439620.2945
Peru Other Cities Mobile51439630.2945
Peru Other Cities Mobile51439640.2945
Peru Other Cities Mobile51439670.2945
Peru Other Cities Mobile51439680.2945
Peru Other Cities Mobile51439690.2945
Peru Other Cities Mobile51439780.2945
Peru Other Cities Mobile51439860.2945
Peru Other Cities Mobile51439910.2945
Peru Other Cities Mobile51439950.2945
Peru Other Cities Mobile51439970.2945
Peru Other Cities Mobile51439980.2945
Peru Other Cities Mobile51449300.2945
Peru Other Cities Mobile51449360.2945
Peru Other Cities Mobile51449370.2945
Peru Other Cities Mobile51449380.2945
Peru Other Cities Mobile51449390.2945
Peru Other Cities Mobile51449480.2945
Peru Other Cities Mobile51449490.2945
Peru Other Cities Mobile51449570.2945
Peru Other Cities Mobile51449580.2945
Peru Other Cities Mobile51449590.2945
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Peru Proper510.1084
Philippines Manila63200.1999
Philippines Manila632100.1999
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Philippines Manila63240.1999
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Philippines Manila63270.1999
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Philippines Manila63290.1999
Philippines Mobile - Globe639150.2374
Philippines Mobile - Globe639160.2374
Philippines Mobile - Globe639170.2374
Philippines Mobile - Globe639260.2374
Philippines Mobile - Globe639270.2374
Philippines Mobile - Smart639180.2499
Philippines Mobile - Smart639190.2499
Philippines Mobile - Smart639200.2499
Philippines Proper630.1999
Poland Mobile485010.2749
Poland Mobile485020.2749
Poland Mobile485030.2749
Poland Mobile485040.2749
Poland Mobile485050.2749
Poland Mobile485060.2749
Poland Mobile485070.2749
Poland Mobile485080.2749
Poland Mobile485090.2749
Poland Mobile48600.2749
Poland Mobile486910.2749
Poland Mobile486920.2749
Poland Mobile486930.2749
Poland Mobile486940.2749
Poland Mobile486950.2749
Poland Mobile486960.2749
Poland Mobile486970.2749
Poland Mobile486980.2749
Poland Mobile486990.2749
Poland Mobile488880.2749
Poland Mobile48900.2749
Poland Proper480.0525
Poland Warsaw48220.0524
Portugal Azores3512920.0563
Portugal Azores3512950.0563
Portugal Azores3512960.0563
Portugal Lisbon351210.0578
Portugal Mobile351910.337
Portugal Mobile351930.337
Portugal Mobile351950.337
Portugal Mobile351960.337
Portugal Proper3510.0578
Puerto Rico Proper17870.0537
Puerto Rico Proper19390.0537
Qatar Mobile 974280.3781
Qatar Mobile974500.3781
Qatar Mobile974520.3781
Qatar Mobile974530.3781
Qatar Mobile974540.3781
Qatar Mobile974550.3781
Qatar Mobile974580.3781
Qatar Mobile974590.3781
Qatar Proper9740.3201
Reunion Island Mobile26269200.3212
Reunion Island Mobile26269210.3212
Reunion Island Mobile26269220.3212
Reunion Island Mobile262692300.3212
Reunion Island Mobile262692310.3212
Reunion Island Mobile262692560.3212
Reunion Island Mobile262692570.3212
Reunion Island Mobile262692580.3212
Reunion Island Mobile262692590.3212
Reunion Island Mobile26269260.3212
Reunion Island Mobile26269270.3212
Reunion Island Mobile26269280.3212
Reunion Island Mobile262692900.3212
Reunion Island Mobile262692910.3212
Reunion Island Proper2620.265
Romania Bucharest40210.1318
Romania Mobile - Cosmorom40760.3787
Romania Mobile - Mobifon40720.358
Romania Mobile - Mobil Rom40740.3127
Romania Mobile - Telemobil40780.3787
Romania Proper400.1475
Russia Arkhangelsk781820.0988
Russia Chelyabinsk735120.0765
Russia Ivanovo709320.0825
Russia Izhevsk734120.0988
Russia Kazan784320.075
Russia Krasnoyarsk739120.0988
Russia Leningrad Region781260.0988
Russia Leningrad Region781270.0988
Russia Mobile79010.0851
Russia Mobile79020.0851
Russia Mobile79030.0851
Russia Mobile7908560.0851
Russia Mobile79100.0851
Russia Mobile79110.0851
Russia Mobile79120.0851
Russia Mobile79160.0851
Russia Mobile792160.0851
Russia Mobile792170.0851
Russia Mobile792190.0851
Russia Mobile792620.0851
Russia Mobile792650.0851
Russia Mobile792720.0851
Russia Mobile792820.0851
Russia Mobile792890.0851
Russia Moscow70950.0415
Russia Moscow Region70960.0714
Russia Omsk738120.0767
Russia Perm734220.0988
Russia Proper70.091
Russia Rostov786320.0749
Russia Samara784620.0939
Russia Saratov784520.0767
Russia St Petersburg781200.0423
Russia St Petersburg781210.0423
Russia St Petersburg781220.0423
Russia St Petersburg781230.0423
Russia St Petersburg781240.0423
Russia St Petersburg781250.0423
Russia St Petersburg781280.0423
Russia St Petersburg781290.0423
Russia Ufa734720.0762
Russia Vladivostok742320.0754
Russia Volgograd784420.076
Russia Vologda781720.0988
Russia Voronezh707320.0767
Russia Yekaterinburg734320.0751
Rwanda Mobile2500810.1894
Rwanda Mobile2500820.1894
Rwanda Mobile2500830.1894
Rwanda Mobile2500840.1894
Rwanda Mobile2500850.1894
Rwanda Proper2500.2047
Saint Kitts and Nevis Mobile 18696620.3075
Saint Kitts and Nevis Proper18690.2575
Saint Lucia Mobile17582840.2749
Saint Lucia Mobile17582850.2749
Saint Lucia Mobile17582860.2749
Saint Lucia Mobile17582870.2749
Saint Lucia Mobile17583840.2749
Saint Lucia Mobile17584600.2749
Saint Lucia Mobile17584610.2749
Saint Lucia Mobile17584840.2749
Saint Lucia Mobile17584850.2749
Saint Lucia Mobile17584860.2749
Saint Lucia Mobile17584870.2749
Saint Lucia Mobile17584880.2749
Saint Lucia Mobile17584890.2749
Saint Lucia Mobile17585840.2749
Saint Lucia Mobile17587140.2749
Saint Lucia Mobile17587150.2749
Saint Lucia Mobile17587160.2749
Saint Lucia Mobile17587170.2749
Saint Lucia Mobile17587180.2749
Saint Lucia Mobile17587190.2749
Saint Lucia Proper1750.2219
Samoa Mobile68570.1525
Samoa Proper6850.1525
San Marino Mobile37860.0813
San Marino Proper3780.0813
Sao Tome and Principe Mobile239901.2962
Sao Tome and Principe Proper2391.2962
Saudi Arabia Dhahran9663330.11
Saudi Arabia Dhahran9663660.11
Saudi Arabia Dhahran9663670.11
Saudi Arabia Dhahran966380.11
Saudi Arabia Jeddah966220.0756
Saudi Arabia Jeddah966260.0756
Saudi Arabia Mecca966250.1908
Saudi Arabia Mobile96650.2749
Saudi Arabia Mobile96680.2749
Saudi Arabia Proper9660.2249
Saudi Arabia Riyadh966120.0999
Saudi Arabia Riyadh966140.0999
Senegal Dakar22180.226
Senegal Mobile221510.2499
Senegal Mobile221530.2499
Senegal Mobile221540.2499
Senegal Mobile221550.2499
Senegal Mobile221560.2499
Senegal Mobile221570.2499
Senegal Mobile221580.2499
Senegal Mobile221590.2499
Senegal Mobile221630.2499
Senegal Mobile221640.2499
Senegal Mobile221650.2499
Senegal Mobile221660.2499
Senegal Mobile221670.2499
Senegal Mobile221680.2499
Senegal Mobile221690.2499
Senegal Proper2210.2249
Serbia Belgrade381110.1329
Serbia Mobile381610.2499
Serbia Mobile381620.2499
Serbia Mobile381630.2499
Serbia Mobile381640.2499
Serbia Mobile381650.2499
Serbia Mobile381660.2499
Serbia Nis381180.1663
Serbia Proper38110.1329
Seychelles Mobile248510.2624
Seychelles Mobile248520.2624
Seychelles Mobile2485490.2624
Seychelles Mobile248550.2624
Seychelles Mobile248560.2624
Seychelles Mobile248570.2624
Seychelles Mobile248580.2624
Seychelles Mobile2485900.2624
Seychelles Mobile2485910.2624
Seychelles Mobile2485920.2624
Seychelles Mobile2485930.2624
Seychelles Mobile2485940.2624
Seychelles Mobile2485950.2624
Seychelles Mobile2485960.2624
Seychelles Mobile2485970.2624
Seychelles Mobile2485980.2624
Seychelles Mobile2485990.2624
Seychelles Mobile2487010.2624
Seychelles Mobile2487020.2624
Seychelles Mobile2487030.2624
Seychelles Mobile2487070.2624
Seychelles Mobile2487090.2624
Seychelles Mobile248710.2624
Seychelles Mobile2487200.2624
Seychelles Mobile2487510.2624
Seychelles Mobile2487520.2624
Seychelles Mobile2487530.2624
Seychelles Mobile248770.2624
Seychelles Mobile248780.2624
Seychelles Proper2480.2787
Sierra Leone Freetown232220.234
Sierra Leone Mobile232300.2956
Sierra Leone Mobile232760.2956
Sierra Leone Proper2320.3925
Singapore Mobile6580.0449
Singapore Mobile6590.0449
Singapore Proper650.0449
Slovakia Bratislava42120.0874
Slovakia Mobile4219010.2624
Slovakia Mobile4219020.2624
Slovakia Mobile4219030.2624
Slovakia Mobile4219040.2624
Slovakia Mobile4219050.2624
Slovakia Mobile4219060.2624
Slovakia Mobile4219070.2624
Slovakia Mobile4219080.2624
Slovakia Mobile4219090.2624
Slovakia Mobile4219100.2624
Slovakia Proper4210.096
Slovenia Mobile386300.2874
Slovenia Mobile386310.2874
Slovenia Mobile386400.2874
Slovenia Mobile386410.2874
Slovenia Mobile386500.2874
Slovenia Mobile386510.2874
Slovenia Mobile386700.2874
Slovenia Mobile386710.2874
Slovenia Proper3860.0775
Solomon Islands Mobile67711.085
Solomon Islands Mobile67731.085
Solomon Islands Mobile67761.085
Solomon Islands Mobile67781.085
Solomon Islands Mobile67791.085
Solomon Islands Proper6771.085
Somalia Ausoma252970.8512
Somalia Golis252570.7619
Somalia Golis252580.7619
Somalia Hormud252150.5429
Somalia Hormud252160.5429
Somalia Nationlink252500.6306
Somalia Nationlink252510.6306
Somalia Nationlink252530.6306
Somalia Nationlink252560.6306
Somalia Nationlink252590.6306
Somalia Proper2520.7969
Somalia Soltelco252820.7529
Somalia Somtel252760.6681
Somalia STG Bossaso252520.653
Somalia STG Galcom252540.6362
Somalia STG Somaliland252210.7521
Somalia STG Somaliland252220.7521
Somalia Telecom Somalia252120.7438
Somalia Telesom252250.7559
South Africa Cape Town27210.0999
South Africa Johannesburg27110.0999
South Africa Mobile27720.2499
South Africa Mobile27730.2499
South Africa Mobile27820.2499
South Africa Mobile27830.2499
South Africa Mobile27840.2499
South Africa Proper270.0999
South Korea Mobile821020.0926
South Korea Mobile821030.0926
South Korea Mobile821040.0926
South Korea Mobile821050.0926
South Korea Mobile821060.0926
South Korea Mobile821070.0926
South Korea Mobile821080.0926
South Korea Mobile821090.0926
South Korea Mobile82110.0926
South Korea Mobile82160.0926
South Korea Mobile82170.0926
South Korea Mobile82180.0926
South Korea Mobile82190.0926
South Korea Pager82120.1113
South Korea Pager82150.1113
South Korea Proper820.0486
South Korea Seoul82200.0486
South Korea Seoul82210.0486
South Korea Seoul82220.0486
South Korea Seoul82230.0486
South Korea Seoul82240.0486
South Korea Seoul82250.0486
South Korea Seoul82260.0486
South Korea Seoul82280.0486
South Korea Seoul82290.0486
Spain Balearic Islands348710.0488
Spain Barcelona349310.0474
Spain Barcelona349320.0474
Spain Barcelona349330.0474
Spain Barcelona349340.0474
Spain Barcelona349350.0474
Spain Barcelona349360.0474
Spain Barcelona349370.0474
Spain Barcelona349380.0474
Spain Madrid349110.0474
Spain Madrid349120.0474
Spain Madrid349130.0474
Spain Madrid349140.0474
Spain Madrid349150.0474
Spain Madrid349160.0474
Spain Madrid349170.0474
Spain Madrid349180.0474
Spain Mobile - Dolphin346010.315
Spain Mobile - Retevision346050.2795
Spain Mobile - Retevision346150.2795
Spain Mobile - Retevision346250.2795
Spain Mobile - Retevision346350.2795
Spain Mobile - Retevision346450.2795
Spain Mobile - Retevision346510.2795
Spain Mobile - Retevision346520.2795
Spain Mobile - Retevision346530.2795
Spain Mobile - Retevision346540.2795
Spain Mobile - Retevision346550.2795
Spain Mobile - Retevision346560.2795
Spain Mobile - Retevision346570.2795
Spain Mobile - Retevision346580.2795
Spain Mobile - Retevision346650.2795
Spain Mobile - Retevision346750.2795
Spain Mobile - Retevision346850.2795
Spain Mobile - Telefonica346060.2749
Spain Mobile - Telefonica346080.2749
Spain Mobile - Telefonica346090.2749
Spain Mobile - Telefonica346160.2749
Spain Mobile - Telefonica346180.2749
Spain Mobile - Telefonica346190.2749
Spain Mobile - Telefonica346200.2749
Spain Mobile - Telefonica346260.2749
Spain Mobile - Telefonica346280.2749
Spain Mobile - Telefonica346290.2749
Spain Mobile - Telefonica346300.2749
Spain Mobile - Telefonica346360.2749
Spain Mobile - Telefonica346380.2749
Spain Mobile - Telefonica346390.2749
Spain Mobile - Telefonica346460.2749
Spain Mobile - Telefonica346480.2749
Spain Mobile - Telefonica346490.2749
Spain Mobile - Telefonica346500.2749
Spain Mobile - Telefonica346590.2749
Spain Mobile - Telefonica346600.2749
Spain Mobile - Telefonica346690.2749
Spain Mobile - Telefonica346760.2749
Spain Mobile - Telefonica346790.2749
Spain Mobile - Telefonica346800.2749
Spain Mobile - Telefonica346860.2749
Spain Mobile - Telefonica346890.2749
Spain Mobile - Telefonica346900.2749
Spain Mobile - Telefonica346960.2749
Spain Mobile - Telefonica346990.2749
Spain Mobile - Vodafone346000.2624
Spain Mobile - Vodafone346070.2624
Spain Mobile - Vodafone346100.2624
Spain Mobile - Vodafone346170.2624
Spain Mobile - Vodafone346270.2624
Spain Mobile - Vodafone346370.2624
Spain Mobile - Vodafone346470.2624
Spain Mobile - Vodafone346610.2624
Spain Mobile - Vodafone346620.2624
Spain Mobile - Vodafone346660.2624
Spain Mobile - Vodafone346670.2624
Spain Mobile - Vodafone346700.2624
Spain Mobile - Vodafone346770.2624
Spain Mobile - Vodafone346780.2624
Spain Mobile - Vodafone346870.2624
Spain Mobile - Vodafone346970.2624
Spain Mobile - Xfera346220.315
Spain Palma De Mallorca349710.0488
Spain Proper340.0486
Spain Tenerife348220.0488
Spain Tenerife349220.0488
Sri Lanka94 0.14.9
Sri Lanka Colombo9411 0.14.9
Sri Lanka Mobile9471 0.14.9
Sri Lanka Mobile9472 0.14.9
Sri Lanka Mobile9477 0.14.9
Sri Lanka Mobile9478 0.14.9
Sri Lanka Proper94 0.14.9
St Helena Proper2900.7738
St Pierre and Miquelon Mobile508550.2375
St Pierre and Miquelon Proper5080.2544
Sudan Mobile2499120.209
Sudan Mobile2499220.209
Sudan Proper2490.209
Suriname Mobile597850.2824
Suriname Mobile597860.2824
Suriname Mobile597880.2824
Suriname Proper5970.2816
Swaziland Mobile268600.195
Swaziland Mobile268610.195
Swaziland Proper2680.195
Sweden Malmo46400.0444
Sweden Mobile - Other Carrier4670100.2749
Sweden Mobile - Other Carrier4670110.2749
Sweden Mobile - Other Carrier4670120.2749
Sweden Mobile - Other Carrier4670130.2749
Sweden Mobile - Other Carrier4670140.2749
Sweden Mobile - Other Carrier4670150.2749
Sweden Mobile - Other Carrier4670170.2749
Sweden Mobile - Other Carrier4670180.2749
Sweden Mobile - Other Carrier46701900.2749
Sweden Mobile - Other Carrier46701910.2749
Sweden Mobile - Other Carrier46701920.2749
Sweden Mobile - Other Carrier46701930.2749
Sweden Mobile - Other Carrier46701940.2749
Sweden Mobile - Other Carrier46701950.2749
Sweden Mobile - Other Carrier4673010.2749
Sweden Mobile - Other Carrier467310.2749
Sweden Mobile - Other Carrier467320.2749
Sweden Mobile - Other Carrier4673450.2749
Sweden Mobile - Other Carrier4673460.2749
Sweden Mobile - Other Carrier4673470.2749
Sweden Mobile - Other Carrier4673480.2749
Sweden Mobile - Other Carrier4673490.2749
Sweden Mobile - Other Carrier4673500.2749
Sweden Mobile - Other Carrier4673510.2749
Sweden Mobile - Other Carrier4673520.2749
Sweden Mobile - Other Carrier4673530.2749
Sweden Mobile - Other Carrier4673540.2749
Sweden Mobile - Other Carrier4673850.2749
Sweden Mobile - Other Carrier4673860.2749
Sweden Mobile - Other Carrier4673870.2749
Sweden Mobile - Other Carrier4673880.2749
Sweden Mobile - Other Carrier4673890.2749
Sweden Mobile - Other Carrier4676300.2749
Sweden Mobile - Other Carrier4676310.2749
Sweden Mobile - Other Carrier4676320.2749
Sweden Mobile - Other Carrier4676330.2749
Sweden Mobile - Other Carrier4676340.2749
Sweden Mobile - Tele2461240.2749
Sweden Mobile - Tele2461260.2749
Sweden Mobile - Tele2461270.2749
Sweden Mobile - Tele2461290.2749
Sweden Mobile - Tele2462520.2749
Sweden Mobile - Tele24670160.2749
Sweden Mobile - Tele2467040.2749
Sweden Mobile - Tele2467070.2749
Sweden Mobile - Tele24673550.2749
Sweden Mobile - Tele24673560.2749
Sweden Mobile - Tele24673570.2749
Sweden Mobile - Tele24673580.2749
Sweden Mobile - Tele24673590.2749
Sweden Mobile - Tele2467360.2749
Sweden Mobile - Tele2467370.2749
Sweden Mobile - Tele2467390.2749
Sweden Mobile - Tele2467620.2749
Sweden Mobile - Telia461020.2124
Sweden Mobile - Telia461030.2124
Sweden Mobile - Telia461060.2124
Sweden Mobile - Telia461070.2124
Sweden Mobile - Telia463080.2124
Sweden Mobile - Telia465180.2124
Sweden Mobile - Telia466650.2124
Sweden Mobile - Telia466730.2124
Sweden Mobile - Telia467020.2124
Sweden Mobile - Telia467030.2124
Sweden Mobile - Telia467050.2124
Sweden Mobile - Telia467060.2124
Sweden Mobile - Telia4673000.2124
Sweden Mobile - Telia4673020.2124
Sweden Mobile - Telia4673030.2124
Sweden Mobile - Telia4673040.2124
Sweden Mobile - Telia4673050.2124
Sweden Mobile - Telia4673060.2124
Sweden Mobile - Telia4673070.2124
Sweden Mobile - Telia4673080.2124
Sweden Mobile - Telia4673090.2124
Sweden Mobile - Telia4673800.2124
Sweden Mobile - Telia4673810.2124
Sweden Mobile - Telia4673820.2124
Sweden Mobile - Telia4673830.2124
Sweden Mobile - Telia4673840.2124
Sweden Mobile - Vodafone466740.2749
Sweden Mobile - Vodafone467080.2749
Sweden Mobile - Vodafone467090.2749
Sweden Mobile - Vodafone467330.2749
Sweden Mobile - Vodafone4673400.2749
Sweden Mobile - Vodafone4673410.2749
Sweden Mobile - Vodafone4673420.2749
Sweden Mobile - Vodafone4673430.2749
Sweden Mobile - Vodafone4673440.2749
Sweden Proper460.0461
Sweden Stockholm4680.0461
Switzerland Freephone418000.3412
Switzerland Geneva41220.0499
Switzerland Mobile - 3G Mobil417770.3124
Switzerland Mobile - Orange41780.3164
Switzerland Mobile - Sunrise41760.3171
Switzerland Mobile - Swisscom417920.32
Switzerland Mobile - Swisscom417930.32
Switzerland Mobile - Swisscom417940.32
Switzerland Mobile - Swisscom417950.32
Switzerland Mobile - Swisscom417960.32
Switzerland Mobile - Swisscom417970.32
Switzerland Mobile - T-net41799900.3124
Switzerland Proper410.054
Switzerland Zurich4110.0526
Switzerland Zurich41430.0526
Switzerland Zurich41440.0526
Syria Mobile963920.3
Syria Mobile963930.3
Syria Mobile963940