--- You can use your yap2phone account to call any other yap2phone user for free... contact 800 for more info or email sales --- Yap2Phone accounts can be used on IP phones and SIP/H323 devices... set your proxy to: "" --- To test our service for free, download and install our dialer, set the username and password to "yap2phone" and dial 800... for H323 devices use yap2phone@yap2phone ---


YAP2PHONE provides a complete solution for SIP/H323 IP telephony through its high quality dialer. The SIP services that we afford are essentially our
low rates, virtual numbers, International DIDs, voice mail and follow me.  The YAP2PHONE network allows you to get virtual phone numbers in more than 5000 cities around the world from one single carrier.

We understand that you and your customers rely on voice services for mission critical business applications ranging from sales to customer support. You can rely on YAP2PHONE for the present and the future.

YAP2PHONE Services:
PC2Phone Dialer
Devices and IP Phones
Virtual Numbers
International DIDs
Follow Me
Voice Mail
YAP2PHONE Benefits:
High quality calls
Flexible rate plans
No investment needed to penetrate new markets
Instant connectivity and market reach


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