--- You can use your yap2phone account to call any other yap2phone user for free... contact 800 for more info or email sales --- Yap2Phone accounts can be used on IP phones and SIP/H323 devices... set your proxy to: "" --- To test our service for free, download and install our dialer, set the username and password to "yap2phone" and dial 800... for H323 devices use yap2phone@yap2phone ---


You can simply buy a calling account directly from us or from one of our authorized resellers. To buy you can use your credit card or transfer money through MoneyGram or Western Union.


For further information please feel free to contact us at or call us on 1-661-4660301 Michigan USA,  or just use any IP phone , device or SIP dialer, set proxy as "" and the username and password to "yap2phone" then dial 800,  or download Yap2Phone dialer for account and pin use "yap2phone" then dial 800 we will be glad to help you.
H323 devices use "yap2phone@yap2phone".

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Note: When dialing don't use "00" or "011" just put the country code the area code and the destination number               (ex. 1 661 4660301 ).


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